Swimwear by Zubaida Zang


Wanna look fashionable on the beach this summer and support an up and coming business owned by a Brown Sista? If so, then swimwear by Zubaida Zang may be just what you’re looking for.

Launched in 2013, the emerging swimsuit line has unveiled their first nostalgia collection, Wild (Girls of Summer), which is based on 90s inspired earth tones, with high waiste bottoms, spaghetti straps and what the designer calls “lots of attitude.”

According to Zang, “When people hear wild, they instantly think ‘busy prints’, but it’s the complete opposite. There is a simplicity to the feel of this collection, and like Miranda Priestly said, there’s nothing groundbreaking about prints in the spring. So although the pieces are a perfect travel companion for her, when you hear wild, I’m referring to the girl with a strong sense of adventure, and an unquenchable desire for wanderlust. Those are the Girls of Summer.”

Zang’s summer collection can be pre-ordered now, but you better move fast, some of the pieces are already listed as sold-out.