Syleena Johnson Needs a Fixer


When a fictional fixer like Olivia Pope just won’t do, celebrities call in the real thing: life coach, author and talk show host, Iyanla Vanzant.

Such is the case with singer and reality star Syleena Johnson. Syleena will appear on the Season 3 premiere of ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life,’ set to air this Saturday, July 27th.

Syleena recently moved her mom in with her and apparently that is when the pair’s long-running feud really came to a head.

A quick clip was unveiled earlier today which you can check out below.

It appears a lot of women don’t get along with their mother’s today- a concept that is totally foreign to me. My mother could beat me upside the head with a skillet and I’d use that same skillet to make her dinner that night. LOL. My mother is my mother. I don’t know anything to do but respect her. I wasn’t raised to argue with grown folks- much less my own parents.


  1. I appreciate the love and respect that Iyanla mixes with common sense.

  2. @Sista ICAM my mom is like a compass to keep me grounded and humble and never forget where I come from.

  3. I sure hope that Iyanla likes Syleena, she herself had serious mother-daughter conflicts with her own daughter, who passed away, endured abusive relationships long before becoming a spiritual guru and life-coach. It’s wonderful that many people are being helped, but her delivery, ratings sensationalism and advice is often very subjective (biased) and not what a true therapist (not that she claims to be one) would say to a client. But, she’s entertaining and can be insightful, just not enough in my opinion. I hope she doesn’t flip the script on Syleena…

  4. I like Iyanla, because she tells you the TRUTH whether you’d like to hear it or not and does so in a uncomplicated way. I also like that she doesn’t pick sides. Keep this lady on Oprah.

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