106 & Park Closes Shop, Airs it’s Final Episode

Michelle Obama Stops by "106 & Park"

After an almost 14-year run, BET’s once popular video countdown show 106 & Park, aired its final episode last week, Friday, December 19th.

For the New Year, the show will go digital, airing on BET.com only. Specials, such as their New Year’s Eve 106 & Party episode and their live events leading up to the BET Awards will still air as usual.

Given the state of black music today it was no surprise the show eventually got pulled. Outside of a handful of artists, Hip-Hop and R&B are both dying art forms that suffer from having too few true stars and even fewer sales.
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Hip-Hop, Don’t Die!

This is an opinion of mine that might touch some nerves. Especially the younger generation that have no idea about quality Hip-Hop because it was before their time so they take it as a personal attack on their generation. They are only aware of the hogwash that is being installed in them via the radio and 106 and Park. I forgive you all. You don’t know any better. You obviously had no one older around to guide your taste in real Hip-Hop. I have said it once and I will continue to say it. Hip-Hop is dying! All of the music that is in rotation on the radio is not the only form of Hip-Hop and is a limited and untrue representation. Soljah Boy does not represent real Hip-Hop. I interviewed him three times. Trust me. Although I am happy that a young Black man made it rather than plotting on his next hustle or snatching purses, it is simultaneously discomforting to see real, lyrical, substantial Hip-Hop slowly die as we “super man that hoe”. I am not a part of the porch monkey movement. Lastly, everyone is not meant to be a rapper, basketball player, or any other stereotypical “make it out of the hood” career. There are other avenues. Like anything else your have to work for them. Sorry. I do love Affion Crockett for his fearless honesty!

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Alicia Keys Stops By 106 & Park

Alicia Keys stopped by BET’s 106 & Park yesterday and co-hosted the entire show with Rosci and Terrence. Her latest video “Teenage Love Affair” was also debuted. Photos from Alicia’s appearance can be seen above and for those of you who have yet to see the new video- you can check it out on page 2. And in other AK news, the singer has been forced to cancel several shows due to vocal problems. Both shows however are expected to be rescheduled at a later date. Keys, who is currently being treated by a physician, is expected to return to the stage on Saturday, April 26th at the Value City Arena at the Jerome Schottenstein Center in Columbus.
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