Admit It Day 2. 10. 2008

I had totally forgotten that I had made an “Admit It Day” post back in 2008, until I got an e-mail from a poster asking me to make another.

So here we are almost a year to the day that I made the original post- and I have a few more things I am willing to admit.

1. I still hate blogging about celebrities but the money is slamming so I’m sticking with it- lol.

2. I have a crush on President Obama. A year ago he was a funny lookin’ dude with big ears- but now I would so “Monica Lewisnksy” him- lol.

3. I really like having my toes sucked (giggles hysterically)

4. Men online keep professing their undying love me- I dunno why though.

5. If Meagan Good shows up wearing those Black latex pants and YSL tribute pumps at her next event I will strip her of her category on this blog.

Okay- your turn…