How Are You Doing… Really?

Ever run into someone or just pass by folks and they ask “How ya doing?” But you know they don’t really care cause they don’t even stop to wait for your answer? Well, in the spirit of mushiness and just because I haven’t much felt like posting celebrity news lately, I take this moment to ask each and everyone of you who visits this blog daily- How are you- really?

Keyshia Cole Covers Essence Magazine

Singer Keyshia Cole has managed to do something I said she would never do- snag the cover of Essence Magazine. Yep, our sista’s stock is definitely rising as Keyshia will be featured on the cover of the October edition which is on news stands now. Keyshia is interviewed about the usual fodder, men and of course the constant comparisons to Mary J. Blige. Will the interview be interesting or tell us anything we don’t already know? Probably not- but because Keyshia is on the cover I’ll be picking it up anyway and I suggest you all do the same. Partial excerpts from the interview can be read on the next page and hopefully within the next few days BJ Skanz will have the high quality photos from inside the magazine.
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Talk To Me Tuesdays (Polow Edition)

It’s Tuesday and you guys know what that means. It’s time to let you the members and guests have your say and there is much to talk about. For starters, we have Polow da Don who just can’t keep Black women’s name out his mouth. Though no one has ever asked him about his preferences in women, he seems all to ready in every interview to tell the world why we, the women who look like him, just aren’t up to par.
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Talk To Me Tuesdays 6.19.07

Another Tuesday is upon us and so you know what that means- It’s Talk To Me Tuesday time again. This is where members to get to have open discussions on the blog about whatever they like. Conversations are not limited to talks about gossip or celebrities. You can’t vent, get to know your fellow posters, ask questions, give and get advice. It’s basically all up to you. Our last few TTMT conversations were pretty intense and hopefully this week’s discussion will just as thought provoking. So enough from me already- talk to me people…

Janet Jackson’s Interview With Vibe Vixen

Janet Jackson I was trying not to post any information from the upcoming issue of Vibe Vixen that features Janet Jackson on the cover until I at least had the digital copy of the magazine for myself.It seems however that will not be happening so I am finally posting the entire interview here as well as the picture used for the cover shot which you can see to your left.In this interview Janet talks about the usual- Michael’s former nose, her former nose and her obvious love for Jermaine Dupri.She also touches on her relationship with his 9 year old daughter and her own future plans for motherhood.As usual, Janet does not give out too much information thus making this interview as uneventful as the rest she did for the 20 Y.0 album.The only good thing that came from this article was confirmation that Janet would indeed be going on tour later on this year.
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Interview With Shanice

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Shanice Wilson was the little girl with a beautiful voice on Star Search that wooed music Shanice Wilsonsuccessful early career, Shanice took a sabbatical, but now she’s back with Every Woman Dreams. Some wonder why she left the music scene when she did. She addressed some of those questions and more in a recent interview.

Shelia Goss: Are you excited about your new CD “Every Woman Dreams”?
Shanice: Yes. I’m very excited. This is what I love to do. I took time off to spend time with my family, but it’s exciting to have both family and a career again.
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