Before Whitney, There Was Janet…

So what’s new with singer-actress Janet Jackson these days? Not much it seems. After coming down with bronchitis a few weeks ago, Janet seems to keeping a somewhat low profile. Janet did appear at the 2008 Kids Choice Awards last week but said she would still be taking it easy for the next few weeks. Janet laying low however does not mean her name is completely out of the headlines. Whitney’s Houston ex-husband, Bobby Brown, is coming out with a new tell all and mentions none other than Miss Jackson herself. Bobby claims in his tell all “Being Bobby Brown: The Truth and Nothing But …” that during the mid 80’s he and Janet were an item but broke up because her parents didn’t want her with a Black man. Bobby goes on to claim that the break up with Janet led him to hit the bottle- hard.
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Brown Sista Candids Galore

Singer Janet Jackson was spotted over the weekend at the US Open, taking in Venus Williams match against Hungarian player Kira Nagy. Pics of Janet are extremely hard to come by these days as she rarely seems to make a public appearances. Reports still have Janet holed up in Miami working her on new album, which L.A Reid is rumored to be personally overseeing. There are also reports that Janet, along with Beyonce, will be performing at Ethiopia’s millennium bash which goes down on September 12th. Look for Beyonce to headline the affair while Janet is simply listed as a performer.
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Janet Jackson’s Interview With Vibe Vixen

Janet Jackson I was trying not to post any information from the upcoming issue of Vibe Vixen that features Janet Jackson on the cover until I at least had the digital copy of the magazine for myself.It seems however that will not be happening so I am finally posting the entire interview here as well as the picture used for the cover shot which you can see to your left.In this interview Janet talks about the usual- Michael’s former nose, her former nose and her obvious love for Jermaine Dupri.She also touches on her relationship with his 9 year old daughter and her own future plans for motherhood.As usual, Janet does not give out too much information thus making this interview as uneventful as the rest she did for the 20 Y.0 album.The only good thing that came from this article was confirmation that Janet would indeed be going on tour later on this year.
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Sanaa Lathan Gets Naked

Actresses Sanaa Lathan, Denise Richards, Brittany Snow, Rachel Minor, Rachel Blanchard, and Jenna Fischer will join model Heidi Klum and Olympic snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler in the buff.

The celebs will be taking it all off for Jane magazines August issue. Don’t worry; it’s for a good cause. The stars will be auctioning the clothes they’ll be stripped out of to benefit children’s charities. The affair will also be about the article – not just the articles of clothing. The ladies will talk about taking it all off and their level of comfort in being nude in front of strangers.
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New Music From Amel Larrieux

R&B singer Amel Larrieux has been hitting the charts for a decade but still isn’t a household name like Madonna or Mary J. Blige. But that’s fine by her.

The 33-year-old singer, who was reared “a bohemian” in Manhattan’s West Village, like having a noncommercial style all her own. And her albums, including those recorded with Groove Theory (“Tell Me”) and Sade’s band, Sweetback, have earned her enough money that she has not had to take a 9-to-5 job, Larrieux says.
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