New Music: 28 Thousand Days by Alicia Keys


Alicia Keys is back with a new song titled 28 Thousand Days. The tune was partially unveiled earlier this year when it was included in a commercial Alicia shot for Levi’s Jeans.

28 Thousand Days will be featured on a soundtrack Levi’s is producing as part of their Live in Levi’s campaign, which will kick off in the fall, shepherded by their new Women’s Denim Collection of which Alicia is the official face of.
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Alicia Keys is the New Face of Levi’s Jeans

Alicia Keys Unveils New Music Via Levi’s Commercial

ALICIA KEYS WOMENS LEVIS-0Alicia Keys is the new face of Levi’s Women’s Denim Collection.

The 34-year old singer used her various social media accounts late last night to show off images from her new Live in Levi’s campaign, which is an extension of the company’s newly launched women’s denim collection.

The Live in Levi’s campaign, and the company’s fall 2015 global brand campaign will all feature Keys, who the company says was chosen for her “unique personal style and commitment to global issues.”

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Alicia Keys Welcomes Second Baby Boy


Singer Alicia Keys and hubby Swizz Beats welcomed their second son into the world on Saturday, December 27th.

Via an image posted to Alicia’s Instagram page, we know that Genesis Ali Dean was born at 1:52am and that he weighed in at a cool six pounds, five ounces.

The couple captioned the photo, an image of baby Genesis’ footprints, “The joy of joy is joy !! It’s a boy!! We are so grateful!! #Blessings!!”
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Alicia Keys Unveils New Music & Video


Singer Alicia Keys used Facebook late Sunday night to debut the video for her new single ‘We Are Here.’

The expectant mommy and Givenchy spokesmodel gets introspective on the track, singing “Let’s talk about Chi-town / Let’s talk about Gaza / Let’s talk about Israel / Let’s talk Nigeria / and the mass hysteria / Our souls are brought together / so that we can love each other.”
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Preview Jennifer Hudson’s New Film

The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete

The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete is a beautifully observed and tremendously moving film about salvation through friendship and the way transformation sometimes can happen just by holding on long enough.

Director George Tillman, Jr. draws indelible performances from a fantastic cast, which includes Jordin Sparks, Golden Globe and EMMY Award winner Jeffrey Wright, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Anthony Mackie, and Golden Globe and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson, all led by Ethan Dizon and Skylan Brooks in a stunning breakout performance as Mister.

The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister and Pete hits movie theaters on October 11th and will feature music written and produced by the film’s co-produder, Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys Makes Things ‘Better’

Singer Alicia Keys returned to her alma mater today, the Professional Performing Arts School in New York City, to launch Western Union’s ‘World of Betters’ campaign.

In conjunction with the ‘Moving Money for Better’ initiative, artists like Alicia, K’Naan and Sunidhi Chauhan will launch an online contest to motivate young people to get involved in ‘bettering’ the world.

Participants can go to where they can share how they would use $1,000 to make the world a better place. Public voting will determine the top 500 entries from which a judging panel will select 100 ideas and the winners will receive the equivalent of $1,000 (USD) to bring their idea to life.

The Western Union World of Betters contest begins November 1, 2011 and ends
December 15, 2011.

Alicia Keys’ ‘5’ Promo

Singer Alicia Keys visited ABC’s Good Morning America earlier today to promote ‘Project Five,’ her new anthology film for the Lifetime cable network.

Set to debut October 10th, the film features five separate, yet interconnected tales, of five lives affected by cancer- with Alicia and Demi Moore among the five celebrity directors.

Alicia recently called the project one of the “greatest experiences” of her lifetime- saying it helped her heal the trauma of losing several of her own close family members to the disease.

Alicia Keys Set to Direct Short Film

Alicia Keys is reportedly looking to add the title of director to her many credits. According to Deadline, the 30 year old singer/actress will direct a short film as a part of Lifetime’s original movie “Project Five.” An anthology of five short stories that explore the impact of breast cancer on people’s lives, Alicia will be joined by Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Patty Jenkins.

Aniston will serve as the movie’s producer, along with “Friends” creator Marta Kauffman.

“Our hope with Project Five is to entertain, inform and inspire dialogue, research and prevention,” Aniston said in a statement. “Otherwise, our goals are small — we want these films to move people and empower those affected by breast cancer to stand tall through this challenge, which impacts ALL of our lives, no matter who we are.”

Kauffman supervised the writing of the five individual scripts by TV veterans Stephen Godshaux, Jill Gordon, Howard Morris, Deirdre O’Connor and Wendy West. A fifth director will be announced soon.

Sista Sighting: Alicia Keys In London With Swizz Beatz

After her sellout show last night at the O2 Arena in London, singer Alicia Keys was spotted heading back to her hotel with recently divorced boyfriend Swizz Beatz. Alicia had been put on pregnancy watch by the media after appearing in concert wearing very unflattering outfits that made her look like she had a pooch. The singer may have attempted to put those rumors to rest last night by appearing with Swizz wearing a short black belted around the waist mini-dress that left little room for speculation of a pregnancy.

The rumors however just won’t die as many are speculating that her unplanned pregnancy may be the reason why she isn’t sporting those spectacular Armani designs we reported on a few weeks back.

Alicia Keys Says She’s Ready To Become A Mommy

Alicia Keys is looking forward to starting a family – but only when she’s fulfilled her ambition to create a Broadway musical. The R n’ B diva has been romantically involved with producer Swizz Beatz since September 2008, after the breakdown of his marriage to singer Mashonda. The pair reportedly got engaged in January, and now Keys has spoken of her desire to settle down and have children after she has expanded her acting career. She tells the, “I absolutely am very interested in starting a family. It’s one of the most beautiful experiences to have in this life and I am looking forward to it when it is my time. I have a lot of things I still want to do. “As far as retirement goes, I just wanted to have the ability, if I choose, to be able to do so. But I feel that I am just getting started. I love acting and producing, and I am developing some ideas for TV and film, and also for Broadway. I am excited about that. I really want to create a new musical. I think it’s time.”

Alicia Key’s New Jewelry Line

The Barber's Daughter Watch Collection Singer Alicia Keys is slated to launch her new jewelry line, The Barber’s Daughter, this Monday, November 23rd in New York City. According to Womens Wear Daily, Alicia and her design partner, Gisele Theriault, have created a collection of eclectic silver pieces that will range in price from $85 to $2500 and feature inspirational prayers and quotes from author Masaru Emoto.

“I fell in love with the individuality of the pieces, but more than that, the words that were written on them really resonated with the songwriter in me,” she said. “I knew at that moment, for the first time, that through a whole other medium I would be able to spread inspiration and that’s what got me started.”

The R&B songstress adds that the mission of The Barber’s Daughters is “to give people beautiful, unique pieces with messages that ignite them to find the best within.” The Barber’s Daughters will open a pop-up shop for two days- November 23rd and 24th- at the Collette Blanchard Gallery in Manhattan to help generate buzz for the brand’s fall 2010 launch.

Usually I don’t pay too much attention when artists start fashion lines- or anything else for that matter- however, Alicia’s collection actually looks pretty good. It is jewelry I would actually buy as I am a lover of eclectic pieces of silver.

Click here to check out The Barber’s Daughter for yourself.

Alicia Keys Shoots Brokenhearted Video

Alicia Keys is already prepping the release of her second single from her upcoming “Element of Freedom” album. The singer was spotted earlier today on the streets of New York City shooting the video for “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart”- the song many fans, myself included, think should have been Alicia’s first single. If you guys haven’t heard it yet you can check it out here and don’t forget, December 15th is now the new release date for ‘Element of Freedom.”

Alicia Keys Shooting Video For Try Sleeping With A Broken HeartAlicia Keys Shooting Video For Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (1)Alicia Keys Shooting Video For Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (2)Alicia Keys Shooting Video For Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (3)Alicia Keys Shooting Video For Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (8)Alicia Keys Shooting Video For Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (4)Alicia Keys Shooting Video For Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (5)Alicia Keys Shooting Video For Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (6)Alicia Keys Shooting Video For Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (7)Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart Video Shoot02

What Role Does The “Other Woman” Play?

With all the recent talk about Super Producer Swizz Beats and his soon to be ex-wife (I guess) Mashonda letting her feelings about Swizzy and Alicia Keys Love rip via twitter a question has arose. If a man starts to date another woman or leaves his wife for another woman, is it the other woman’s responsibility to assure that things are officially over between the wife and husband before she continues or even begins the relationship? In other words, would it have been best for A. Keys to not have began a romantic relationship with Swizzy until they were officially divorced or at least until the ex-wife was aware of the change in his feelings? According to Mashonda, she was under the impression that things in her marriage were fine and she had no reason to worry until she found out he was taking trips with A. Keys. Some are saying that she had to have had an inclination about pending problems with her and Swizzy. However, I believe that it is totally possible that she did not have a clue that her husband was cheating. After all, some women do ignore the signs and perhaps there weren’t any. Who knows what role he played around her versus when he was with A. Keys?

Although I do think that it is the husbands responsibility to be a man and end things with his wife properly before he begins another relationship with another woman, I cannot help but to feel that the other woman plays a role as well. Although I do not think it is her responsibility to end the relationship between the husband and the wife, it is her responsibility to not increase the drama. We live in the real world, and in the real world sometimes you have no control over who you fall in love with. Sh*t happens. I get that. The more essential part is how you handle those feelings. If she knows the man is still in a situation but she is adamant about being with him eventually then she need to fall back and allow him to figure out how he is going to get out of that situation. She should not jump in and further complicate things. This is where A. Keys screwed up. If he really wants to be with the other woman then he will do what’s necessary to see that that happens. If a man wants you then there is nothing that you can do to keep him away. In the same sense if he is has lost interest then there is almost nothing you can do to keep him.

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I am a believer in karma. In other words, if he did it to her, who is to say that it won’t happen to you? There is no guarantee. Him handling things in such a immature fashion would lead me to question if he would one day do the same thing to me. Would I be the next woman crying over him? Love can be a beautiful thing but also a very scary one. It is you putting trust into another person that they won’t intentionally hurt you. If he is knowingly going behind his wife’s back then that trust from me to him would drastically decrease. There are some women who do not give a damn. They want a man. Anyone’s man and do not care how they go about getting him. Trifling, desperate, lost, whatever you want to call them. To those women, I caution you that what goes around comes around. It may not happen right away, it might not happen in the same exact fashion that you did it but it will happen. As my Mother would say, “God does not like ugly”. Take it as a silly adage if you want.

So, in other words, I feel that in this case, Ms. Keys ( or the other woman) should have fallen back and perhaps waited until things were more final or at least he expressed his feelings to his wife before ever beginning a romantic relationship with Swizzy. I understand that when you are in the moment, you do not want to be away from the person, but there is a certain level of selfishness that was expressed by both parties in this case. I hope that for A. Keys sake and any “other woman” that they do not bring more drama and backlash than they expected.