What Black Women Want

With word that Vibe Vixen would be no more after the Aug/Sept edition, folks are once again scratching their heads and wondering why so many magazines aimed at Black women seem to fail. Granted, few magazines are ever geared towards sisters, but in the last 3 years, 3 of the most visible to do so, have ceased publication: Vixen, Honey and Suede. Now in the past I have written about exactly why I believe Honey folded, but Suede came and went so fast that I never even saw it, while Vixen was an on again- off again project that just never really took off.
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The Replacement Of Black Women

No Black Women Here Fellow blogger Clay Kane wrote an interesting piece on his site that got me to thinking about an article I started writing some months ago but eventually abandoned. Clay, in his article, wonders why there are so few Black women on the Billboard charts but quite a few White women who have what I like to call that Black Girl Flava? Now some time ago I predicted that the influx of White women into r&b music, with the help of Black male producers, would lead to the demise of Black women on the charts. And now that the chickens have essentially come home to roost, I think now is the perfect time to talk about why only Beyonce and Corrine Bailey Rae- who is biracial- are the only two so called Black women who have songs in the Hot 100.
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India.Arie Strikes Gold

I remembering hearing India Arie had gone gold this week and I was so happy for her.My sister told me to pick up the album a few days ago and I am so glad I did.This sista is truly gifted.Sadly, in a week where Cassie shows just how far R&B music has sunk, few blogs if any have reported this great news.I can only speculate as to why no talents like Cassie get all the attention while artists such as India, Jaguar Wright, Heather Headley, and so many others, get overlooked.
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India Arie: Soul Searching

When India.Arie broke up with what she thought would be her lifetime love, she was saddened, angry, confused and hurt – and spent the next four years unleashing her emotions through song.

But those who pick up her latest album, Testimony, Vol. 1: Life & Relationship, won’t hear any of the bitterness she once harboured. Instead, in what has become India.Arie’s philosophy, she manages to find the positive, even in a devastating split. Instead of songs about a no-good man or falling into despair, India sings about the power of forgiveness, the appreciation of a past relationship and even learning to love being alone.
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India.Arie’s ‘Testimony’ Debuts At No. 1

India.Arie India.Arie earns her first No. 1 on The Billboard 200 with Universal Motown’s “Testimony: Vo. 1, Life & Relationship.” The set sold 161,000 copies in its first week in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, the singer’s best sales week yet. Her last album, 2002’s “Voyage To India,” debuted at No. 6 with 109,000.

Sales may have been aided in part by the artist’s appearance at the BET Awards last Tuesday (June 27) during a tribute to Chaka Khan.

Dashboard Confessional also scores its biggest sales week as it bows at No. 2 with “Dusk and Summer.” The Vagrant release moved 134,000 units, besting the debut week of 2004’s “A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar” by 12,000 (though it also entered at No. 2).
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