‘Aunt Viv’ Checks Wendy Willaims

Former “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” actress Janet Hubert (Aunt Vivian) is taking talk show host Wendy Williams to task for what Hubert calls her “bullying of celebrities.”

In an open letter to Williams, Hubert chastises the chat queen for “crucifying” singer Whitney Houston while she was alive, shedding crocodile tears for the pop icon only once she had passed away.

Hubert also came to the defense of singer Janet Jackson, who Williams attacked on her show Monday, saying the dance diva should not be considered for X Factor because she could not sing without auto-tune.

Read Janet’s entire open letter below and don’t forget to co-sign her comments below if you agree.

Dear Wendy,

This past weekend was a very difficult time for so many of us.

Though I never knew Whitney Houston, I felt a profound sense of loss and sadness. On Sunday morning I took my dog for a walk in the park across the street and still could not shake the sadness I felt. I wondered if what I was feeling was perhaps related to losing my mother and brother this past year, but then I thought no, it was something else.

I watched the funeral service with the rest of the world, and cried time and time again with each story that was told. I felt like I knew more about this amazing woman than ever before. We all watched her as a little girl, center stage, singing like a bird, she was destined for superstardom. To watch her center stage full circle in death was a feeling no mother should ever have to feel. I applaud Ms. Warwick, the pastor, and all others who formed a police line of love and protection around her that was impenetrable only to those who really knew her. We, the public accepted their decision to keep it private, but they allowed us to witness her Home Going ceremony, I don’t know if I could have been so gracious. WE felt like we knew her and we knew nothing about her except what we read and hear from people like you and other media outlets. I listened to her interview with you and was compelled to say out loud. “Go on Whitney tell her like it is,” when you pried into her life back then. I had my son in the same year as Ms. Houston; we did Ebony Magazine that same year, she introducing her baby girl and me my son. I am trying to be dignified, but here goes.

The Internet has become somewhat like the 10 commandments, and this is why… whatever is posted or commented on… is forever written in stone. Neither I nor anybody can stop anyone from making up stories, reviews, lies etc, cutting and pasting whatever they decide to put together like a bad buffet breakfast.

I have had some horrible meals shoved down my throat on the web that I had no parts of.
I still have a bad taste in my mouth from a recent cut and paste meal from your beloved TMZ (THE MUDSLINGING ZONE). I believe you said once “If you heard it on TMZ then it must be true,” really Wendy?
The Internet is indeed the information highway, but it can also be “a Forum of Hate.”

You said that morning with tears in your eyes, that you would not discuss Whitney any further, but you crucified her the whole time she was alive, as you do so many people on your show. I want to ask you why? What do you get out of this besides money?

How do you sleep at night knowing that you are one of the biggest bullies in the world disguised as HOT TOPICS? Celebrities are not topics we are people, just like everyone else, we hurt and we hear and we bleed real blood, not fake blood, just as you do.

How do we as parents teach our children to honor each other, treat each other with kindness when all they see are images of people like you who condone and promote meanness, rude reality TV stars, and your opinion as you berate world renowned people like Janet Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others you slam on a daily basis.

I keep asking myself why no one is saying anything about this. What the hell are they afraid of? Where are my sisters out there who feel as I do?

Well Wendy, I try to teach my son to stand up, shout, and scream when there is injustice. Yeah yeah, I know, I have been screaming for years and will continue to do so as long as there are images that depict black women as neck shaking, over bearing women who can’t get along.

A sister, a mother, a daughter, a star, left this world way too early; she was loved by the world. The world mourned, I don’t think that we needed you to try and take down another brilliant sister on that following Monday morning. (Your rude comments about Janet Jackson). You started right back up without hesitation or pause… you need to stop Wendy. We need to stop, and the world needs to stop. I need to stop as well. There will be no more quotes from me to be misquoted. We need to join together, wrap our arms around our children, everybody’s children. Remember you have a child who will suffer every slingshot and arrow that gets thrown back at you Wendy; our public lives greatly affect our children.

I know I am going to suffer some arrows for writing this letter to you, I know you are loved by many, but remember this Wendy; they love you when you are up and they love to take you down. You will not always be up, you will not always be on the A list and attend all the parties. Ride the wave sister girl, but make sure you know how to swim when the ride is over. Artists are survivors, we work hard to build our crafts and careers and I ask that you simply remember that in the future.
I’m just sayin’ it like l mean it too.

Janet Hubert

Aunt Viv is Still Upset

I’m not completely sure I believe this story but I am choosing to post it anyway.

TMZ, the first news source to report the death of Michael Jackson, and a website not known for making up lies, is reporting this morning that Janet Hubert, the original Aunt Vivian from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” referred to Will Smith as an asshole during a recent interview.

For those of you not in the know, Janet says Will had her fired from the show because she would not kiss his butt. She also said Will didn’t think it realistic that a dark skin black woman could actually be living the life Janet portrayed on the show. According to Hubert, the role originally called for a light skin black woman with green eyes- which happens to be what her replacement, Daphne Maxwell Reid, looked like.

At any point, with news of a possible “Fresh Prince” reunion being in the works, Janet was asked if she would be willing to participate. It was reportedly at this point that Aunt Viv had this to say about Big Willy: “There will never be a reunion … as I will never do anything with an asshole like Will Smith. He is still an egomaniac and has not grown up. This constant reunion thing will never ever happen in my lifetime unless there is an apology, which he doesn’t know the word.”

Had this been reported a decade ago I may have believed it. However, Janet has said several times that she is over “that whole situation” and has since moved on with her life, appearing on several TV shows and making a return to her Broadway roots.

Having said that, I personally doubt an invitation would be extended to Janet if there was a reunion, or that she would accept it if there was. Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton on the show, has also continued to make his feelings about his TV mom known over the years… and they are not very nice.