Kelly Rowland To Write Children’s Book

In between promoting her new digital album and reportedly recording a third cd, singer Kelly Rowland has decided to spread her wings a bit and write a children’s novel. After performing at the VIP room this past Friday, the singer told People magazine “I’m getting into different ventures. I’m in the process of writing a children’s book. Everything is confidential right now, but I’m really excited because I’ve talked to some different publishing companies and got some people interested.” Kelly says she was inspired to write a children’s book by the presence of her five godchildren and missing her family while out on tour and doing promotional jaunts overseas.

The Return Of Miss Jackson

Janet Jackson Singer Janet Jackson has been pretty quiet for most of 2007 but a recently posted message on her official website has many thinking that the singer’s imposed seclusion after the failure of her 20 Y.O album might be over. Janet speaks of her new movie with Tyler Perry, an invite only mini concert at the Atlantis – Phase III opening on May 11th., as well as special performances in London and Cannes. Her boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri, also posted on his My Space page that Janet would have a single on the Rush Hour 3 soundtrack that he is producing.
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Halle Steps Behind The Camera To Produce Comedy Show

Halle Berry knows a thing or two about life as a biracial woman. She also has a nose for a good project, after sharing an executive producing credit for HBO’s Emmy-winning film “Lackawanna Blues.”

Both could be why she’s taking on a new HBO project, based on the memoirs of “Scrubs” writer Angela Nissel, author of “The Broke Diaries” and “Mixed: My Life in Black and White.” Berry, along with manager Vincent Cirrincione, will executive produce the original series, titled “Mixed Up,” a sitcom centered on the post-college adventures of a biracial woman and her two buddies. The project has not yet received the green light from HBO, but Nissel has completed the first draft of the pilot, sources say.

“It’s about living without the safety net. They’re all broke together,” Nissel told the Hollywood Reporter. Nissel, a consulting producer on “Scrubs,” recently signed a one-year overall deal with NBC Universal Television Studio to develop a comedy project.
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Ciara To Co-Host ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is pleased to announce that multi-platinum award-winning superstar, Ciara, will co-host the 19th Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards with ASCAP President and Chairman Marilyn Bergman. The invitation-only event, which honors the songwriters and publishers of the most performed ASCAP songs on the 2005 R&B, hip-hop and rap charts, is scheduled to take place on June 26, 2006 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

Ciara was recently honored with three awards at ASCAP’s Pop Music Awards, held May 22, 2006, for her chart topping singles “1, 2 Step,” “Goodies” and “Oh” from her multi-platinum selling debut album Goodies. After bursting onto the scene in 2004, the multi-talented star quickly rose to the top of the charts selling over three million albums, which produced three No 1 singles – “Goodies,” “1,2 Step and “Oh” – in addition to two No 1 collaborations – “Like You” w/ Bow Wow and “Lose Control” w/ Missy Elliott.
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Terry McMillan Still Upset With Gay Ex Husband!

Best-selling novelist Terri McMillan shares her emotionally-charged testimony on the controversial BET News documentary, ‘The Down Low Exposed,’ premiering March 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. “I think that what [BET is] doing should be applauded because I think more than anything there are women out there that are victims,” the author of ‘Waiting to Exhale’ said during the one-hour news special — a probing look into the world of men with wives or girlfriends who also secretly engage in sex with other men. “I think we need to hold men accountable for their actions,” McMillan added, in what she said is her final public interview on the subject. Last year, her marriage to Jonathan Plummer publicly unraveled with a nasty divorce as a result of his admission to a secret gay life. “I think that he should be charged with attempted murder for risking my life without my knowledge or consent,” the chick-lit diva said in the documentary.

Helmed by Park Hill Entertainment President Shirley Neal, ‘Exposed’ examines this divisive subject from a variety of angles including prison sex and its impact on the spread of HIV/AIDS; the Black church; the impact of HIV and AIDS on women infected by men who hid their homosexuality; and the crucial importance of being tested for the disease. Music videos and hip-hop music runs throughout the news special, which features many unidentified men — and some groundbreaking undercover footage. “The ‘Down Low’ is one of those subjects that fascinate people. With this special, we want to hear every point of view — men who lead double-lives, their lovers, women who have been involved with them, church people, ex-cons, AIDS activists and regular folks on the street,” said BET President of Entertainment Reginald Hudlin.
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