Beauty Chameleon:: Rihanna

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At the young age of just 20, Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty has already mastered the art of not only style, but also beauty. She went from long and brown, to black and short, to reddish-brown and even shorter. Always ahead of the curve, Rihanna never disappoints — it just gets better and better.

“Well, it was first inspired by the bob – even going that step. It made me say, I want to take the next step because I’m always ready to do something new, crazy, and fun! So, one day I said to her – I’m cutting off all your hair today – because she kept saying she wanted to go shorter. Every minute, she was bugging me about going shorter! We just did it, and it was crazy!”

Ursula Stephen, in an interview with Concrete Loop’s, Tianna
   Stylist behind Rihanna’s short ‘do, and Keyshia Cole’s, too.

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