No shame here. And no apologies. Nan one.

  1. I’m not a fan of clingy or needy people.
  2. I think ignorance can be funny; sometimes.
  3. I’ll never forget you if you’ve had bad breath or body odor.
  4. Winning lottery millions would change my life; but I’d rather be adopted by Oprah.
  5. The richest people in the world are not college graduates. So sometimes I wonder why I went.
  6. I fear the dentist.
  7. I get annoyed when my friends don’t tip.
  8. I’m even more annoyed when people blame things on the man.
  9. I’m afraid of midgets and public bathrooms.
  10. I’m sarcastic and snarky. If I’m not saying it. I’m thinking it.
  11. Sometimes fear motivates me.
  12. Do not randomly text me. 
Just putting it out there. I live and preach living well, living quality, and having fun. But perfection is a silly unattainable goalGT weeps, prays, cries, crack jokes, and still I rise.  It’s called being human and it’s all you ever can be. And having quirks, imperfections, personality traits and character flaws are a part of that. When you can admit to your own imperfections no one can use them against you. When you can learn to accept your flaws and make necessary adjustments you are well on your way to being authentic.

Raise your hand. What are some character flaws, quirks, and imperfections you can admit to? 
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