More “Zoe Ever After” Promo

ZOE EVER AFTER STARRING BRANDYFans looking forward to Brandy’s upcoming BET comedy Zoe Ever After are in luck. The network has made another preview available- one that features the show’s theme song which Brandy wrote and performs herself.

Zoe Ever After is set to debut next month and stars Brandy as Zoe Moon, a newly divorced mom looking to step outside the shadow of her famous ex-husband by starting her own cosmetics company.
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Preview Brandy’s New BET Show “Zoe Ever After”

PREVIEW ZOE EVER AFTERSo here it is you guys, your first look at Brandy’s new BET comedy Zoe Ever After.

Set to premiere in January 2016, the show revolves around Zoe Moon, a newly divorced mom seeking to make a name for herself outside the shadow of her famous ex-husband.

Zoe teams up with her sassy best friend and flamboyant gay assistant, and together they embark on turning Zoe into what she’s always wanted to be: the owner of her own cosmetics company.
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Brandy Lands New BET Comedy ‘Zoe Moon’


Though her stint on “The Game” has come to an end, Brandy’s relationship with BET, the network that airs the show, appears to be just starting.

Via their official Twitter page, the network announced plans for a new show starring the R&B veteran, titled “Zoe Moon.”

The half-hour comedy will star Brandy as Zoe, a newly divorced mom embarking on a new life as a single mom and career as a fledgling cosmetics mogul.
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Kelly Rowland is ‘Chasing Destiny’


Singer Kelly Rowland has landed a new BET show, though not the one we’d been hearing about off and off the past few years.

Back in 2012 BET ordered a pilot starring Kelly titled “What Would Dylan Do?” Kelly was slated to play a young single female blogger who moves to Los Angeles in hopes of finding success in both her personal and professional life.

Fast forward to 2015, and that show has apparently been shelved in favor of “Chasing Destiny,” a new talent competition hosted by Kelly, that seeks to find the next hot female vocalist.
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‘Scandal’ Heading to BET in the Fall


Kerry Washington’s hit ABC drama ‘Scandal’ is heading to BET this fall. According to published reports, season one and two of the political drama will begin airing in late summer, while current episodes of season three will air a week after they are broadcast on ABC.

BET will begin airing the first two seasons with a marathon starting in August and will continue to air episodes up until the season three premiere in September.

The magic number for shows to be sold into syndication used to be 5 years, 100 episodes, but in recent years shows with exceptional hit value have had their syndication rights snapped up as early as their first season (Glee, Modern Family).

Congrats to Kerry and company.

Ain’t no money like syndication money. LOL

‘Being Mary Jane’ Debuts Tonight


Bomb career? Check. Beautiful face and body? Check and check. Financially stable in every way? Boom! You think she doesn’t when she does? Chile’ Please! Loving relationship? Silence. Crickets. A definite feeling of emptiness. Sadly, this is the life of various women in 2013. BET seeks to expand on this conundrum that many women currently face with their new drama Being Mary Jane starring Gabrielle Union.

Who is Mary Jane? She is a woman much like many of today’s successful women. From the perspective of onlookers, these particular women have it going on! They are a force to be reckoned within any corporate meeting. They are to be envied when it comes to style, grace and fashion. They live in the gym, so their bodies are that to be compared to a Goddess. However, this same chick has absolutely no luck in love. Why?

You know why. We all know why. It is the same curse that has been plaguing women who reach the pinnacle of success for eons. In fact it is a curse and a gift. Sure you can have the career of your dreams and be the boss chick at your job surrounded with people who adore and fear you for your overwhelming fierceness. The way you command a board room meeting. How you handle any corporate overtake. But once you leave your office you will undoubtedly go to a beautiful empty home.

Being Mary Jane, is a series that seeks to question this. It follows Mary Jane Paul. A successful Broadcast Journalist throughout her trials and tribulations with her fledgling love life, being the more successful of her siblings and having feelings of not wanting to always be the one called on for financial assistance, a Mother whose health is ailing; and her own self doubt and internal war with whether or not a woman can have both success and real love. Oh and let’s not forget the men. No! We can never forget them. They alone can add spice into any woman’s life, successful or not.

The real question then becomes whether or not Mary Jane Paul really can truly have it all? Sex, success, money, while balancing love, romance and a meaningful relationship? Can any woman in today’s society? Tune in to find out.

Being Mary Jane premieres tonight on BET at 10:30pm.