Beyonce’s Ego Is Outta Control

Wow! Beyonce is just not going to stop until she converts me into one of her sick stans. I admit it, I listened to the leaked version of her album last week and have been playing it every since. Though not a perfect CD, it has quite a few songs on it that I am really feeling- espcially Diva. Now comes a new leak from the singer titled Ego and it is such a bold in you face confident track. I know some people hate confidence and bravado in other people- but I love it. I love a sista who ain’t scared to admit, as Beyonce does in this song, that “She has every reason to believe that she’s that b%#&. And though the song is not technically about her, I personally think it’s about Jay- Bey has no problem tooting her own horn in this song as well.
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