Kelly Rowland Teams Up with Band-Aid


Kelly Rowland Launches YouTube Channel for New Moms

In addition to her book Whoa, Baby!, singer Kelly Rowland is also poised to launch a contemporary YouTube channel in support of new mommies. Kelly announced her joint venture with Awestruck via her Instagram page, calling it another opportunity for women to come together in the spirit of friendship and motherhood.
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Mary J. Blige Preps ‘Strength of a Woman’ Documentary


First Look: ‘Strength of a Woman’ Documentary

Another day, another artist forced to release a documentary to sell music that is otherwise uninspiring and lackluster. I hate to be a Negative Nelly, but remember when all it took to make you love or hate a song was listening to it? Remember when music used to capture your imagination and take you places? I do, and that’s why this documentary bandwagon artists have jumped on annoys me. Good music doesn’t require explanation. I don’t need to know what you felt while you were writing the song. I don’t need to see the pen and paper you wrote the lyrics on. I just need good music… sans the unnecessary and ineffectual hype.
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Macy Gray’s New Film Gets Distribution


Macy Gray’s latest foray into acting, the independent drama “Where the Children Play,” has officially been picked up for distribution by the Urban Movie Channel.

“Where the Children Play” tells the story of a young woman, estranged from her family, who returns home for her mother’s funeral, and finds herself having to remain behind to care for her ailing and abusive father.
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Miss Jackson Makes Rare Dubai Appearance

JANET (140x140)

My favorite performer of all time, the amazing Miss Janet Jackson, was spotted recently taking in several classic soul performances at the Masterjam concert in Dubai.

The 48-year old pop diva, who now calls the small country home with husband Wissam Al Mana, was spotted with friends sitting front row taking in performances from 70s soul artists Chic, Gloria Gaynor, Chaka Khan and of course, the Jackson Five.

Janet, who has been rumored to be releasing new music since early 2014, seems to be keeping an extra low profile these days, making few if any public appearances that aren’t charity related.
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Rihanna Courts Controversy

Pop diva Rihanna is once again courting controversy and this time it has nothing to do with one of her videos. Instead, the 23-year old pop diva is expected to release the remix version of her single “Birthday Cake,” which is rumored to feature Chris Brown. Yes, that Chris Brown. The one who beat her black and blue just three years ago.

Bracing for the imminent backlash, Rihanna took to her Twitter page last week, not to explain her decision, but rather to spew a series of verbally abusive tweets aimed at her fans and the public at large.

Since rumors of the former couple coming together, on wax at least, surfaced, Rihanna has been inundated with calls to rethink her decision to reunite with the man she herself called “abusive.”

Billboard Associate Editor Jason Lipshultz penned an open letter to the singer, pleading with her to consider the message she would be sending to young women who may be dealing with the issue of domestic violence.

Spin Magazine writer Marc Hogan also joined the fracas, but instead implored Rihanna to think only of herself and her career. Calling the rumored collaboration a “career killer,” Hogan implored the singer not to “squander the good will of an adoring public” by hooking up with such a volatile figure as Brown.

I personally think Rihanna is trying to send a message of forgiveness. By working with Brown Rihanna wants to show that she has healed and forgiven the man who once brought her so much pain. Likewise, I think she wants the public to forgive to Brown as well.

So what will be the outcome if the RiRi/CB remix actually comes to fruition? I have no idea. But according to Spin, Rihanna could find herself on the outside of the music industry… looking in.

Stay tuned for the remix; it debuts tomorrow Monday, February 20th, Rihanna’s 24th birthday.

Ok, here it is. Give it a listen.

Pictured Above: Rihanna attending Stella McCartney’s Special Presentation (London fashion Week) Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.

Janet Jackson on Whitney’s Passing

Singer Janet Jackson will be speaking on the passing of Whitney Houston, via Anderson Cooper’s talk show Monday, February 20th.

I can honestly tell you I was so happy to see this in my inbox this morning. I was hoping Janet would publicly speak up and she has.

Being a fan of both singers, I know they counted each other as friends back in the day. I vividly remember an interview in which Janet said Whitney was one of her biggest supporters, always sitting in the front row screaming for her the loudest.

Likewise, Whitney often spoke of her love for the entire Jackson family.

Long before Whitney became WHITNEY, she worked on several amazing songs with Jermaine Jackson, who at the urging of Clive Davis invited her to sing lead on several of his singles, including “Take Good Care of My Heart,” “If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful” and “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do.”

Expect many more celebrities to share their love of Whitney as well.

If you didn’t see BET’s 3 hour tribute to Whitney last night you missed a doozy. Everyone from Jill Scott to Pastor Shirley Ceaser gave testimony of Whitney’s greatness.

It was truly a tear jerker.

Simon Cowell Wants Beyonce

The recent blood bath that went down on the U.S. Version of X Factor has creator Simon Cowell reportedly eyeing singer Beyonce Knowles as a possible replacement for Paula Abdul or Nicole Scherzinger, both of whom were let go earlier this week along with show host Steve Jones.

Cowell is apparently keen on hiring established artists, and wants Beyonce to join a panel that may also include singer Mariah Carey, as well as returning judge L.A. Reid.

Cowell might attract Mariah Carey, he may even attract Janet Jackson, whose name was also thrown into the mix today; but he will never attract Beyonce, whose 2012 is already accounted for.

Besides being a new mother, the singer is also set to start shooting on her next film, the Clint Eastwood directed remake of “A Star is Born.”

And FOX executives quickly shot down the outrageous rumor that Beyonce had been offered $500,000,000 to join the cast. According to Peter Rice, Vice Chairman of programming for the network, “no such offer has been made.”