Curly Nikki, White Women and the Need for All-Black Spaces


About two days ago, the Black webosphere was lit ablaze with controversy when popular hair blogging website, Curly Nikki, featured a white woman, Sarah, to discuss her own “hair journey.” In a tale that is becoming as old as time, once again a space that was deemed safe for Black women became infiltrated with a white presence. In a post captioned with “There’s something very freeing about accepting your natural hair” *insert eye roll here*, the blog detailed an interview with Sarah that discussed her hair journey (she didn’t bog chop, she merely started wearing her hair down. *insert second eye roll*) and love of products – just as they have their previous Black subjects.
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It’s Just Hair, Right?

Hair is a major issue that black women face. What to do with it is always a cause of debate. Many black women have recently joined the natural train and are ditching the creamy crack for a healthier and back-to-our-roots option. The decision to go natural is one that is met with a lot of chagrin from men. Men are, for some reason, fascinated with and drawn to long hair; not that hair can provide them with anything other than aesthetic satisfaction. But the process of going natural can be difficult. When growing your hair natural, sometimes the best options is to do a big chop to get rid of all the relaxed or chemically processed hair. This can be a harrowing experience especially because we as black women are so attached to our hair. Our hair is part of who we are. Or is it? Hair is what you make it. India Arie told us that she is not her hair. When will we learn start believing that we are more than just our hair?

We have been brain washed into believing that anything closer to Caucasian is more appealing. The black women that are the most prevalent in the media are those with straightened and/or chemically treated locks and thousand dollar weaves. Changing the world’s perceptions of beauty and even our own perceptions is not an easy feat. But with time it can and will be done. So many women are rejecting the idea that they cannot wear their hair in its natural state, however kinky or Afro-centric it may be. But some women go so far as to claim that black women who do not wear their hair in its natural state are rejecting their heritage and accepting society’s expectations of beauty. Many of us already know the damaging effects of relaxers on our hair. Once I watched Chris Rock’s movie/documentary Good Hair, I was convinced that I was no longer going to relax my hair. I do have other chemicals in my hair and the main reason is because I cannot bear to part ways with my hair. Going natural would eventually require me to cut all my hair off and start over, which is hard. I may wear a weave or a wig occasionally but not because I am rejecting my black roots; personally fake hair is in a lot of ways easier to maintain than my own hair. When you’re on the go, the quickest styles are the most convenient.

At the end of the day it’s just hair and it’ll grow back. Whether we have the patience to chop it all off and start the natural journey or endure the chemicals to achieve our desired look, we all must accept the fact that we are more than just our hair. Hair is such a trivial thing that does not define us or who we are. Some say it may enhance beauty but beauty to me is something that radiates from within. If you are a good person and have inner beauty, whether you have a long ‘do or an Amber Rose buzz cut, you will exude beauty no matter what.

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Beauty 101: Short Do’s Without Cutting Your Own!

Like most women, I love my hair. I love my hair so much, that I wouldn’t cut it (unless it’s for a trim), and I choose not to color it (unless it’s something safe, like jet black). Well, I’m a New Yorker, and for 2 yrs of my life I lived in Tampa, FL. In Tampa, the women style their hair like Chicagoans — with so much confidence. I think it’s amazing. They cut it, they sew, braid, glue, shave, color — whatever it takes to give them that “right look”. I love that. But, in Tampa was when I was first educated on what a “QUICK WEAVE” was. A quick weave is basically any hairstyle bonded onto a wig/stocking cap.

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Singer Keyshia Cole was spotted over the weekend performing at the NFL PLAYERS Party prior to Super Bowl XLII. The singer performed wearing a black chicken feathered vest (lol, I couldn’t hold that in) and a noticeably darker do. I can’t decide whether I really like this new look or not as the quality and angle of the picture is not so good. My first impression however was a thumbs down. Keyshia, like Mary and Beyonce before her, has worn her hair light brown for so long that I just cannot imagine them without it. Mary I believe can and has pulled off black hair in the past. Keyshia and Beyonce however are not having the same luck. But that’s just my opinion. What do you guys think? Does Keyshia’s new do get a thumbs up or thumbs down?