Sistas, Is Your Beauty In Your Hair?

Solange Once again Solange has caught the media’s attention by committing an act that many would consider a poor decision. She has shaved her hair low. Some people like it, most don’t, including Bow Wow who recently went on a rant on his Twitter about her hair. His response does not shock me as I have heard numerous times from Black men that they would not date a “bald-headed” woman. Solange does not seem to care either way, her being one that always does her. What makes her so cool is that she does her whether she is all alone in the decision or has a whole campaign of followers. A girl after my own heart. Even her sister Beyonce has commented on being envious of Solange’s “ I dare to be different and screw you if you don’t like it attitude”. My question is not whether you like her new hairstyle rather do you see how important something as simple as hair is in the African American community and why? It’s like, if you cut your hair low and you are a Black woman then you are not considered attractive anymore or something dramatic must be going on in your life. “Girl she must be going through something!” Solange claims this is the second time she has cut her hair like this and it is by choice not because she is having a breakdown.

Why do we as Black women spend so much time emphasizing on our hair? It is as if our hair is our strength. I emphasize on the Black community because other ethnicities do not seem to have as much of an obsession with hair as we do. I myself have even been a little obsessive over my hair as well from time to time. This phenomena has been internalized in us all in one way or another. The generalization is that if we don’t spend half our lives in the beauty salon then something is wrong with us. We aren’t considered attractive any longer if we do not keep a well tailored perm in our hair and we must, must keep it done. So when someone like Solange, who the Black community at least considers mildly attractive cuts her hair then there is time for an uproar. Imagine if Beyonce cut all her hair low like that, it would be absolute pandemonium.

I don’t think that we are the only ones to have opinions about women cutting their hair low I just feel that the Black community takes special offense to it. We immediately assume that the woman has lost her mind and we do not view her as being as attractive as she once was. People are even assuming that she simply wants attention. Or she must be trying to be “deep”. One of those hippie chicks. Maybe it is none of those reasons and Solange realizes that it is just hair and feels that she is attractive whether it is long or she is completely bald. Thoughts?

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