Preview: More Braxton Family Drama


Braxton Family Values Set to Return with All New Episodes

WEtv’s hit reality series Braxton Family Values is set to return for the second half of their explosive fifth season on March 16th. Issues to be explored in the final five episodes include Towanda and Andre’s on-going divorce and custody battle, Toni’s super secretive-relationship with rapper Birdman, Trina’s ever-expanding business, and the sister’s continued hostility towards their father’s new wife, who will make an appearance on the show and meet the sisters for the first time.
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Braxton Family Values Season 5 Preview (Updated)


WeTV has just unveiled the first promo video for the upcoming fifth season of “Braxton Family Values.”

Though I lost track of the show somewhere around the beginning of season four, many fans have remained with the show, making it one of network’s highest rated programs.

Both Tamar and Toni have hinted at leaving the show recently. However, both appear in the video and will be prominently featured in the upcoming season.
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Toni Braxton & Babyface Delay New Album


In a sudden turn of events, Toni Braxton and Babyface have decided to delay their ‘Love, Marriage & Divorce’ album until 2014.

Once scheduled for release on December 3rd, the album will now be released on February 4th, just in time for the Valentine’s Day gift-giving season.

‘Hurt You’, the pair’s first duet together in almost 20 years, is a bonafide Adult Contemporary radio hit according to Billboard, peaking at #3, and marking Babyface’s return to the charts after an almost eight year hiatus.
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New BFV Trailer


My favorite family TV reality series is almost ready to make its return.

The third season of Braxton Family Values is due to return in November and WeTV promises it will be the most exciting to date.

Toni is officially un-retired. Tamar is learning to balance motherhood and work. Trina is still contemplating divorcing Gabe. Towanda is celebrating turning 40 by taking it all off and poor Traci is just learning that her husband may have fathered a child she knew nothing about.

All that and more is featured in the newly released clip below.

Check it out.

Toni Braxton and Babyface Reunite


Have Toni Braxton and producer Babyface rekindled their musical love affair?

Toni posted the gorgeous image above with the caption “Coming this September” via her Facebook page and told fans to tune in to tonight’s episode of ‘Braxton Family Values’ to find out more.

As many of you know, Toni was once signed to LaFace Records, a subsidiary of Arista helmed by Babyface and then partner LA Reid. Toni recorded a slew of hits written and produced by the duo before parting ways over money.

Toni and Babyface would eventually mend their relation, and even performed together when Toni launched a small club tour in 2011. Babyface also appeared on a recent episode of ‘Braxton Family Values,’ where he attempted to persuade Toni not to give up on recording.

Whatever he said obviously worked and the duo are back in business.

Tune in tonight to see what Toni’s surprise it.

I hope it’s a preview of their new single/duet.

Toni Braxton Back in Action

Singer Toni Braxton was back in action over the weekend, performing a small concert at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Toni was on the same ticket as songwriter/producer Babyface, who many of you know was the creative genius behind the singer’s earlier records. Toni was also signed to Babyface’s label, LaFace Records, which was a joint venture between him, his former partner LA Reid and Arista Records.

For those of you wondering if Toni was backed up by her famous (doo wop pop pop) sisters, the answer is no. Toni announced via Twitter some weeks ago that Traci, Tamar, Towanda and Trina would no longer be acting as her backup singers.

Tamar Braxton to Get Her Own Show

If you watched last night’s episode of “Braxton Family Values,” then you know that for most of the show Tamar and her husband Vincent Herbert were the main focus.

This may not have been a coincidence.

According to Sister 2 Sister, Tamar and Vince will be getting their own WeTV reality series next year. Sisters Trina, Traci and Towanda reportedly broke the news a few weeks ago to S2S editor, Jamie Foster Brown, when they did an interview for the December issue.

No word when the new show will hit the air or even if shooting has begun. What is known, is that last night’s episode was clearly a set up for what is to come.

Btw, did anyone peep Sparkle, yes, that Sparkle, having lunch with Vince and Tamar?

‘BFV’ Season 2 Coming Soon

With the second season of ‘Braxton Family Values’ set to kick off next Thursday, November 10th, more and more details about the season’s premiere episode have started to leak out.

It appears Toni did indeed get her new home in Los Angeles, prompting this response from sister Traci who comes for a visit: “This looks like a Toni Braxton house. Is this what it means to be bankrupt? Sign me up! Did you see the size of that pool?”

Another issue that will be explored this season is Tamar’s ever growing ego. According to Toni and Evelyn, Tamar was season 1’s breakout star- unfortunately; the attention may have gone to her head.

Toni: “Tamar can’t handle success. It goes straight to her head. Our family got a lot of press last season, a lot of exposure but I do think a little of it has gone to Tamar’s head- bit of a diva… Because she is the youngest and she has been able to say whatever she feels and we can’t say anything to Tamar because she is feeling very powerful.”

Evelyn: “Tamar can say whatever she wants to say to her sisters, however, she cannot say what she wants to say to me. That’s where I draw the line.”

Toni’s love life will also reportedly be a source of contention during season 2. Word has it Toni and estranged husband Keri Lewis may be working on a reconciliation- something sister Tamar does not agree with.