Rihanna Rocks Brazil- Preps New Album

Continuing on with the international leg of her ‘Loud’ tour, Rihanna performed for the first time in São Paulo, Brazil over the weekend.

Performing to a sold out crowd of over 20,000 screaming fans, the 23-year old pop beauty performed a medley of her hit songs, including ‘What’s My Name’ and ‘Cheers (Drink to That),’ which you can check out below.

Rihanna has also been tweeting news about her new album almost nonstop- including word that a new single would possibly drop this coming Friday.

Love her or hate her, I think its safe to say Rihanna may be the Mariah Carey of this generation. Vocally the two divas may be worlds apart, but chart wise, Rihanna is releasing albums and amassing number one singles at the same breakneck pace Carey did when she first hit the scene some 20 years ago.

One can only imagine how many number one singles this new album will yield. I have my money on at least three. If Rihanna keeps releasing an album a year as she has done the past 5 years, she will quickly tie or even beat Mariah and the Beatles’ record for most number one singles by a single artist or group.

The Body Shop

Brazil Nut Body Butter After years of hearing about The Body Shop I finally decided to visit their website and give a few of their products a try. In the past I had heard their body butters were to die for and rumor even has it that Jennifer Lopez used her pull to get one of their shops to open up after hours just so she could buy a few cases of the legendary cream before leaving the country. But it wasn’t the name J-Lo that got me to purchase their creams. Instead it was the rave reviews of friends, family and dozens of acquaintances online who finally led me to try this line of beauty products.
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Naomi Campbell Undergoes Emergency Surgery

Naomi Campbell British supermodel Naomi Campbell has undergone a mystery emergency operation in Brazil, according to local reports. The supermodel, a frequent visitor to the country, is said to have flown in from London especially for the surgery. According to one of her doctors, she underwent a laparoscopy – a technique used for stomach operations. The medical team would not reveal details of her condition, but one of the doctors is known to be one of the country’s top infection specialists. Jos? Aristodemo Pinotti, the doctor who reportedly operated on Campbell, told the Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper: “I’m not authorized to reveal what Naomi had, not even how serious the condition, but I can say she was operated on… and is completely cured.
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Beyonce: I Wish I Was Born Latina

Leave it to Beyonce to cause controversy- even in Spanish. Latina Magazine recently interviewed the sista about her Spanish language album and in the interview Beyonce stated how grateful she was for the support of her Latin fans. Beyonce then went on to make this statement: “I’m just jealous that I wasn’t born Latina. I wish I had been because the culture is so beautiful. ” It is my personal opinion that Beyonce was probably just doing an extra bit of butt kissing. However, as a Black woman she should have known better. Such a statement looks bad and wreaks of self hatred. Plus, I doubt a Latin star would have made such a statement concerning Black people simply because they have crossover appeal among us.
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Yaya DaCosta

Yaya At New York City’s trendy Coffee Shop restaurant—where model-esque servers sashay between tables and smartly-attired diners sip midday cocktails—Yaya DaCosta is in control.

“I don’t want to focus too much on the show,” begins the young model/ actress, just minutes after slipping her slight 5′ 8″ frame into a booth and ordering a caipirinha, a drink she fell in love with when she studied abroad in Brazil. “I’m grateful for it,” she continues carefully, “but it’s just that it happened over a year ago and there’s other stuff going on.”
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