I Think I’m Addicted To Chapstick

Actually not just chapstick, but anything balmy that goes on the lips.I actually did a search of “lip balm” or something like that and to my surprise there are websites devoted to this obsession and some actually believe it’s a conspiracy… to do what I have no idea. Anyway, I used to chalk this up to me being a girly girl, but now I’m not so sure.I buy lip products in bulk and rarely if ever go inside a store without picking up Chapstick, Blistex… something.I hate lipstick and can’t stand lip gloss, but I am absolutely mad over anything designed to keep my lips soft, supple and extra plump looking. Carmex is one of my favorite products, but recently I found -> this website < - and my life has not been the same since. If you are a lip balm fan as I am you will be in absolute heaven.