The Body Shop

Brazil Nut Body Butter After years of hearing about The Body Shop I finally decided to visit their website and give a few of their products a try. In the past I had heard their body butters were to die for and rumor even has it that Jennifer Lopez used her pull to get one of their shops to open up after hours just so she could buy a few cases of the legendary cream before leaving the country. But it wasn’t the name J-Lo that got me to purchase their creams. Instead it was the rave reviews of friends, family and dozens of acquaintances online who finally led me to try this line of beauty products.
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I Think I’m Addicted To Chapstick

Actually not just chapstick, but anything balmy that goes on the lips.I actually did a search of “lip balm” or something like that and to my surprise there are websites devoted to this obsession and some actually believe it’s a conspiracy… to do what I have no idea. Anyway, I used to chalk this up to me being a girly girl, but now I’m not so sure.I buy lip products in bulk and rarely if ever go inside a store without picking up Chapstick, Blistex… something.I hate lipstick and can’t stand lip gloss, but I am absolutely mad over anything designed to keep my lips soft, supple and extra plump looking. Carmex is one of my favorite products, but recently I found -> this website < - and my life has not been the same since. If you are a lip balm fan as I am you will be in absolute heaven.