Seveyn Streeter Debuts New Music


After months of getting attention for all the wrong seasons, e.g. her relationship with rapper B.O.B., singer/songwriter Sevyn Streeter is finally back on the public’s radar for all the right reasons, e.g., the release of her new Chris Brown assisted single “Don’t Kill the Fun.”

The 28-year old Florida native wasn’t due to release her new opus until the thirteenth, and was counting down the days via her Instagram page with images from her as yet untitled second solo album. Unfortunately, the internet being what it is, someone beat Sevyn and her label to the punch, leaking the single online three days in advance.
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Rihanna Courts Controversy

Pop diva Rihanna is once again courting controversy and this time it has nothing to do with one of her videos. Instead, the 23-year old pop diva is expected to release the remix version of her single “Birthday Cake,” which is rumored to feature Chris Brown. Yes, that Chris Brown. The one who beat her black and blue just three years ago.

Bracing for the imminent backlash, Rihanna took to her Twitter page last week, not to explain her decision, but rather to spew a series of verbally abusive tweets aimed at her fans and the public at large.

Since rumors of the former couple coming together, on wax at least, surfaced, Rihanna has been inundated with calls to rethink her decision to reunite with the man she herself called “abusive.”

Billboard Associate Editor Jason Lipshultz penned an open letter to the singer, pleading with her to consider the message she would be sending to young women who may be dealing with the issue of domestic violence.

Spin Magazine writer Marc Hogan also joined the fracas, but instead implored Rihanna to think only of herself and her career. Calling the rumored collaboration a “career killer,” Hogan implored the singer not to “squander the good will of an adoring public” by hooking up with such a volatile figure as Brown.

I personally think Rihanna is trying to send a message of forgiveness. By working with Brown Rihanna wants to show that she has healed and forgiven the man who once brought her so much pain. Likewise, I think she wants the public to forgive to Brown as well.

So what will be the outcome if the RiRi/CB remix actually comes to fruition? I have no idea. But according to Spin, Rihanna could find herself on the outside of the music industry… looking in.

Stay tuned for the remix; it debuts tomorrow Monday, February 20th, Rihanna’s 24th birthday.

Ok, here it is. Give it a listen.

Pictured Above: Rihanna attending Stella McCartney’s Special Presentation (London fashion Week) Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.

Wendy Williams Checks Chris Brown

Wendy Williams Chris Brown vs. Wendy Williams – On Friday’s episode (9/11/09) of The Wendy Williams Show, host Wendy Williams responds to today’s “tweet” from R&B star and former Rihanna flame Chris Brown (whose Twitter name is Mechanical Dummy). According to Williams, Brown told followers that when he arrived at JFK, that, “one of the guyz looked like wendy williams or was it the other way around….lol.” Not willing to let that one slide without a response, Williams, who was taping her talk show when the Brown tweet went ‘round the world, used her television platform to set the record straight. Commenting on the tweet, she said…”in other words, he’s calling me a man. Well you know, at least if I was a man then I would spend my time bullying other men, perhaps, and not..women.”

Update: Click here to watch the clip.

Source: Christine DeJoy

Rihanna & Chris Back Together Again… Sorta

Rihanna & Chris Brown Well we knew it had to happen eventually. All eyes were on Rihanna and her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, last night as the two sat just feet away from each other in the front row at Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Not a total suprise, as rumors of the two asking to be seated next to each other started to fly even before the game began. However, both singers arrived alone and according to reports, retreated to separate private lounges during half time. This run in comes just days after Chris lost his bid to have his hearing delayed and Rihanna was hit with a subpoena to testify against him.
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Sista Sighting: Rihanna In New York City

Rihanna Pop diva Rihanna is slowly returning to public life after being kept in almost total seclusion for the past month. The singer has of course been keeping a low profile since she was allegedly assaulted by her boyfriend Chris Brown on Grammy night. Accompanied by her bodyguards and wearing dark sunglasses, Rihanna was spotted in New York City yesterday leaving a hotel. Since Chris Brown was arraigned last week rumors have run rampant about the couple. ET correspondent Kevin Frazier, who appeared Thursday on Oprah’s domestic abuse special, told the talk show hostess the couple were recording a duet and even penning a book together on domestic violence.

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Rihanna Skips Chris Brown’s Arraignment

Chris Brown Appears In Court Chris Brown was just arraigned in court and the proceedings were covered live on the E! Network. The singer’s court date was pushed back until April 6th and Chris waived his right to appear in person at the hearing- thus sparing himself the humiliation of facing the press and throngs of angry fans who greeted him at his hearing today. The victim of Chris’ heinous acts, his girlfriend Rihanna, was not at the arraignment today as many speculated she would be. However, her attorney was present and made no objections to the case being postponed until April. As the victim Rihanna is not required by law to show up for Chris’ arraignment.
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