Ciara Remixes “Diva”

Ciara R n’ B diva Ciara is back again with another remix of another singer’s song. If you all remember, Ciara put her unique spin on Janet Jackson’s Feedback single earlier this year- and now she has done the same to Diva- Beyonce’s latest single to be released from her I Am Sasha Fierce album. The Diva remix will supposedly be featured on Ciara’s Fantasy Ride Mixtape. As you all well know by now, the release of Ciara’s own CD has been pushed back numerous times and as of right now is tentatively scheduled for a Spring release, with no official date actually being given. This is of course forcing CiCi to find new ways to keep her name out there and a mixtape with a remix of a hot new single by another artist is just one way to do that.
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