Clutch Magazine Reloaded

Clutch Magazine One of my favorite online magazines Clutch has just launched a blog network — the fist for African American women. In addition to the network they have officially went from a monthly to a bi-monthly magazine — releasing issues on the 1st and the 15th of every month. I know a lot of you are already faithful readers of Clutch as I am, but if you haven’t had the chance to check out Clutch yet then this is the perfect time for you to. Even though the site is still a baby (less than two years old) it has become one of the hottest locations one the web for Brown Sistas. The network which launched Saturday consist of Stylistic (Style and Fashion), The Edge , (Celebrity News and Gossip), Fuchsia, (Beauty, Make-Up, and Skin) and PoorKid (Parenting and Children).
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Clutch Magazine Profiles Brown Sista

Give a sista a hand ! For the month of January, has been chosen by Deanna Sutton, the Editor In Chief of Clutch Magazine, to be profiled in their online e-zine. Clutch Magazine, much like Brown Sista, is dedicated to providing positive images of Black women- but in my opinion goes far beyond what I have done here. Clutch is not an entertainment blog, but rather a full featured e-zine providing social commentary, fashion and beauty advice, all mixed with a healthy dose of Hollywood gossip. Clutch is as I have told Deanna so many times in the past, what Brown Sista was always meant to be. Do check out my interview on the site here and if you haven’t added this fabulous website to your Bookmarks yet, what are you waiting for?