Admit It Day 2.07.2008

1. My name is not Stephanie.

2. I shave my eyebrows off and then draw them back on.

3. Writing about celebrities everyday actually bores me to tears.

4. I am totally bored right now.

Your turn…

… And I Should Care Because?

A few days ago I got an interesting e-mail from a man who says his name is Brian. Brian for some reason came to this site, used my contact form, and sent me a very lengthy e-mail explaining to me why he hates and refuses to date Black women. Brian titled his e-mail “My Confession”. Brian contacted me, a Black woman who runs a site in support of other Black women, to confess his dislike of us. Why? Why me? What made this man come to Brown Sista, see what I do and then feel his confession would be of interest to me? What exactly was Brian trying to accomplish with his e-mail and why was he trying to accomplish it with the very type of woman he claimed to despise- A Black Woman?
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Karrine Steffans: Vixen Diaries

Karrine Steffans Video vixen Karrine Steffans has sat down with Essence magazine to talk about her upcoming book, The Vixen Diaries, and as usual she holds nothing back. Among other things, Karrine touches on her relationship with her mother and why she was able to forgive certain men in her life who may have wronged her but not the woman who gave her life. I found the interview to somewhat interesting, not enough to make me buy the book, but interesting nonetheless.
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Tameka Foster: Essence Interview

Tameka Foster, better known to world as Usher’s fiancĂ©, sat down to talk to Essence Magazine about the innuendo, speculation and out right un truths that are often printed about her and her relationship with the much younger singer. Tameka pulls no punches and answers questions openly about her former husband, where her children are and if she really was the cause of Usher firing his mother as his manager. Click over to the next page to read the first part of the interview and do check back tomorrow for part two.
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Coko Talks About LeLee

SWVI’m sure by now most of you are familiar with the interview former SWV member Leanne “LeLee” Lyons gave to Jamie Foster Brown of Sister 2 Sister magazine. In the interview LeLee talked of being penniless and homeless, eventually turning to the gay community just to put a roof over the head of herself and her children. Like many of you, I wondered why Coko and Taj, who seem to personally and financially be doing quite well, did not step in to help out their former bandmate and friend. Well Coko sat down to talk to AOL Black Voices about just that and asserts she was just as shocked as the rest of the world to learn of what LeLee had been going through for the past few years.
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