… And I Should Care Because?

A few days ago I got an interesting e-mail from a man who says his name is Brian. Brian for some reason came to this site, used my contact form, and sent me a very lengthy e-mail explaining to me why he hates and refuses to date Black women. Brian titled his e-mail “My Confession”. Brian contacted me, a Black woman who runs a site in support of other Black women, to confess his dislike of us. Why? Why me? What made this man come to Brown Sista, see what I do and then feel his confession would be of interest to me? What exactly was Brian trying to accomplish with his e-mail and why was he trying to accomplish it with the very type of woman he claimed to despise- A Black Woman?
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Grown Men Wearing Braids

I wrote this article about a year ago on my personal blog and it was picked up by a larger site and eventually spread all over the net. So many people reposted it on their sites to the point where friends of mine were sending it to me totally unaware that I had written it. I have decided to repost it here after reading several comments made by sistas throughout the blogsphere concerning Polow Da Don and his hairstyle of choice. Below is the article as it appeared in 2006.

Okay, I know from jump this will be one of those topics that is sure to upset both Black men and women, but you all know what I think- So What!

Like most people, braids on men never bothered me before, but the older I got the more they disturbed me as I found many traits I disliked seemed to be found in men with braids, or as I like to say, men who wear their hair like little girls.
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New Movie Role For Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole Well if Beyonce, Fantasia and Alicia Keys can do it, who is to say Keyshia Cole can’t take her talents to the big screen as well? BlackFilm.com is reporting that Keyshia and rapper Fabolous are due to star in the Karl Lagerfeld produced hip hop drama, Only The Hood Dies Young. The movie, which is due to start production in October, centers around a young drug dealer (Fabolous) struggling with his mother’s addiction and his girlfriend, played by Keyshia. Fabolous has appeared on the big screen before, most notably in Scary Movie 4 back in 2006. This however will be Keyshia’s first foray into movies and I wish her luck. Who knows? Maybe a few years from now she’ll surprise us all and be picking up her own Oscar as Jennifer Hudson did.
[Update 07/02/07] Keyshia Cole’s rep says story is false.
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Weekly Photo Roundup (Updated)

Meagan Good It has been a very hectic week you guys but I have finally found time to not only update the gallery but to also bring you some very exclusive images that you will not see anywhere else- at least until tomorrow- lol. As you all know it has been a very busy week in Hollywood for our celebrity sistas. Rihanna has been guest hosting TRL. Kelly Rowland had her album pushed back yet again, and word is Jermaine Dupri is trying to bring three- ok two, of the biggest names in music together- Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey- and some rapper name Nelly. But to get right into what this post is about, we will start things off with actress Meagan Good. The pic to your upper left is a few months old as I believe it was taken when she stopped by the CW11 Network to promote Stomp The Yard. Still, she looks absolutely gorgeous and remember, you saw these gems here first.
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Blue Eyed Soul: Sistas & Contacts

Last night I got an interesting e-mail from someone concerning pics posted in the Brown Sista gallery. This person berated me for filling the gallery with pics of Black women with blue contacts. Now the term “filling the gallery” was a bit of a stretch as most of the pictures posted there are of sistas without contacts. Still, they were upset about two sistas in particular- Meagan Good and Blu Cantrell. Now I was aware that Blu Cantrell wore blue contacts, but not until closely looking at this pic and few others did I realize that Meagan Good wears them as well. Still, I saw no harm and told the e-mailer that I would not be removing them and considered their use of contacts a non issue.
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Melanie Brown Gives Birth

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown has given birth to a daughter in California, her publicist said Tuesday. The baby, who weighs 5 pounds, 4 ounces, was born just after midnight Tuesday at St. John’s hospital in Santa Monica, said Nadine Bibi in an e-mail to the press. “Baby is completely healthy with a good head of hair. Mother and baby are now resting,” the statement said. “No name has been decided on as yet, and she is purely known as Baby Brown!” As you all know, Melanie has said Eddie Murphy is the father. Continue Reading

Lil Kim Hosts CUN Gala

Lil Kim With all the Oscar hoopla that has been going on for the past week it was pretty easy to forget that so many other things were going on in Hollywood as well.One other major event that took place over the weekend was the Children Uniting Nations Gala (CUN) hosted by Lil Kim.The event raises awareness and funds that go towards supporting the mentoring program that has helped shape the lives of thousands of foster children.
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