Ciara’s New Single+Vibe Magazine Cover

Ciara’s third solo CD, Fantasy Ride, officially will be introduced to the world via it’s first single, Go Girl, which features vocals and production from rapper T- Pain. As many of you well know, several singles from Fantasy Ride have been leaked to net and as recently as last week several websites had confirmed High Price, a single that features Ludacris, as the official first single from the CD. However, we all know how quickly things can change and Go Girl, which has also been leaked online, has officially gotten the nod and will hit the airwaves in late September. You can view the cover for the single to your right- and Ciara has clearly chosen sex as the main theme for her new CD, and if you need anymore proof of that, you need only check out the cover of the October 2008 edition of Vibe Magazine.
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