Amber Riley Wins ‘Dancing with the Stars’


“Glee” actress Amber Riley is the season 17 winner of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Amber and her partner Derek Hough, who won his fifth mirror ball trophy tonight, performed several routines, including a freestyle performance from Monday night which included a step routine by Amber.

For most of the season Amber battled through injuries and knee pain, but still managed to pull it off when it counted.
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Mary J. Dances with the Stars

Singer Mary J. Blige hit up ‘Dancing with the Stars’ tonight to perform and do a bit of promotion for her upcoming album ‘My Life II: The Journey Continues,” due out November 21st.

Mary performed her latest single ‘25/8,’ as well as ‘Real Love,’ the single that helped define her as the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.

Check out both Mary’s performances below, and click here to check out the newly release HQ cover for her album.

New Mya Promos & Music News

As many of you may already know, Mya has signed on to be a contestant on the next installment of Dancing With The Stars. The singer’s upcoming appearance on the show will coincide with her new mixtape album, Beauty & The Streets, which will be released on September 29th. You can pre-order the album on now, as well as get a listen to several of the songs featured on the new disc.

Click here to check out the latest offering from Mya: “Boss”, which features rapper Z-Ro.

New promo shots of the singer have also been released.

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Toni Braxton Dances With The Stars

After having her Vegas show prematurely cancelled due to health concerns, singer Toni Braxton is back in the spotlight as a contestant on the seventh season of Dancing With The Stars. Toni was paired up with season one winner Alec Mazo and they danced the cha-cha. I can tell you that while watching Toni’s performance I was totally holding my breath but the sista completely aced her routine and seemed like a natural. Toni’s body rivals that of professional female dancers and she sashayed across the dance floor like it was second nature to her. The judges thought pretty highly of Toni’s routine as well and gave the singer a 22 out of a possible 30.
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Janet Almost Trips+Preps Reality Show Performance

After receiving the Vanguard Award from GLAAD, singer Janet Jackson went out for sushi at Katsuya and almost tripped over her big platform shoes while leaving the restaurant. I don’t know why but I really laughed when I saw these pics. Not because my girl almost fell, but because those shoes look like she went back to the eighties and borrowed them from Prince (lol).
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