Cyber-Hugs Brown Sister Fam.

In light of the tragedy that has happened to Jennifer Hudson; we all can learn an immediate lesson from it and that lesson is that tomorrow is never promised. And trust. GT is just as sad, angered and shocked that there are people on earth that continue to be so cruel. But tomorrow is never promised is real talk. How can we give that truth more meaning and less lip service? Well for starters we can say I love you daily to our loved ones, we can share a hug, a passionate kiss, adopt a pet, write a poem, see a movie together, eat lunch with our best friends, wink at the bus driver, write in our journals, forgive someone, go for a long walk, take an even longer bubble bath, sing in the shower, cook a meal, watch “The Color Purple”, and cry.

Brown Sistas and Fellas. Name one thing we can do to give our lives more meaning?