Miss Kelly Covers Essence Magazine


Singer Kelly Rowland has landed first Essence cover.

On the same day the magazine announced Vanessa Bush as their new editor-in-chief, the magazine also announced Kelly as their September 2013 cover girl.

I’ve never been a fan of Essence’s covers and Kelly’s doesn’t do much to change my mind. The photo looks basic. Not well thought out and completely lacking in imagination. There’s too much black, the lipstick is too dark and worst of all, it doesn’t match Kelly’s nail polish. Non matching lipstick and nail polish is a longstanding pet peeve of mine.

Still, it’s nice to see someone on the cover besides Mary J. Blige or Halle Berry.

Also, at least Kelly’s cover doesn’t look as bad as the ones for Anika Noni Rose and Janelle Monáe. Both ladies should have sued Essence for making them look so homely.

Kelly Covers Hot Hair Magazine

The undeniable hotness that is Kelly Rowland has landed on the cover of Essence magazine’s second dedicated hair issue: Hot Hair.

When I first saw the cover it immediately reminded me of those L’Oreal hair ads from the 1980’s. You know, the ones with Christie Brinkley and Cheryl Tiegs.

Kelly once again proves that if anyone should be signed to a modeling contract it is her- and not some of these other singers who have been given the privilege.

Btw, Kelly reps Diddy’s ‘Empress’ fragrance in the media but is yet to be featured in an official ad campaign. Another model is actually featured alongside Diddy on the Empress website and in magazine ads.

I think it’s time Diddy does more than just use Kelly’s name to sell his fragrance, its time he uses her image as well.

Nia, Gabrielle & Sanaa Cover Essence

My three favorite actresses, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, and Gabrielle Union will all grace the December cover of Essence Magazine. The three sistas come together to talk about men, the lack of quality roles for Black women in Hollywood, and their dislike of gossip blogs- especially those run by Black women. Gabrielle Union, who has been taken to task by gossip blogs for supposedly partying too much, is especially ticked off about what is said about her and laments how painful it is to have your own community tearing you down. And now because everyone is clamoring for celebrity tidbits, the bigger gossip sites and even mainstream entities are picking up on it. No fact-checking, no nothing. And in one week’s time, there were like five different dudes, a baby—I’m a homewrecker. In literally seven days. I can’t point the finger at the White media. They don’t care about us. Paparazzi are not staked out in front of any of our houses. They are not going through our garbage because they don’t care about us in that way. So when you hear crap about us, it is coming from our own community, which hurts..
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TTMT: Does Nelly Have A Point?

Nelly It’s Tuesday, so you guys know what that means- it’s time for this week’s edition of Talk To Me Tuesday. I thought today we could use Nelly and his recent comments about Essence Magazine and Halle Berry as our focus. For those of you outta the loop, Nelly recently told SOHH that he would love to be on the cover of Essence but knew he would never get the chance because of his highly sexual and some say exploitive Tip Drill video (I still haven’t seen it). However, he says Essence clearly has a double standard as it has put actress Halle Berry on the cover several times since her controversial role in Monster’s Ball. As you all surely know, Halle had a very graphic sex scene (I cannot watch that scene all the way through) with actor Billy Bob Thorton in MB, but won an Academy Award for the role anyway.
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TTMT: Sistas Not Supporting Obama

Barack Obama It has been a few few weeks since I last posted a Talk Me Tuesday feature and so today I have decided to bring it back, with the direct intent of talking about Barack Obama and the media’s assertion that sistas are not supportive of him. First, let me start by saying that I do not believe the polls, and though they vary depending on who is conducting them, the overall consensus is that sistas, and brothas to a lesser degree, do not support this man of color and his Black wife. Now I call Barack a man of color and not Black, because his biracial-ness, according to the media, has caused some Black people to question his overall Blackness.
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Keyshia Cole Covers Essence Magazine

Singer Keyshia Cole has managed to do something I said she would never do- snag the cover of Essence Magazine. Yep, our sista’s stock is definitely rising as Keyshia will be featured on the cover of the October edition which is on news stands now. Keyshia is interviewed about the usual fodder, men and of course the constant comparisons to Mary J. Blige. Will the interview be interesting or tell us anything we don’t already know? Probably not- but because Keyshia is on the cover I’ll be picking it up anyway and I suggest you all do the same. Partial excerpts from the interview can be read on the next page and hopefully within the next few days BJ Skanz will have the high quality photos from inside the magazine.
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Keke Wyatt Ain’t No Soul Sista

KEKE WYATT Singer Keke Wyatt, best known for taking a knife to her husband’s throat, is back with a new album entitled Ghetto Rose and two new interviews guaranteed to get tongues wagging. AHHA first interviewed Keke who took a swipe at not only Beyonce’s vocals skills but looks as well. Keke laments If you notice, I’m yellow. My natural hair is the color she dyes her hair. I have the little waist with the big booty. It’s all the same thing but I sing better, so it was their loss. Say I don’t sing better than Beyonce? Not content with making ridiculous comments to just AHHA, Keke then took her act on the road and decided to share her brainless ideas on race, skin color and the N word with Essence Magazine writer, Kenya Byrd. You can read both the Essence and AHHA articles on the next page, but I cannot and will not be held responsible for any brain cells you might lose during the course of reading them.
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