Michelle Williams’ ‘Fire’ Cover Art

Last week singer Michelle Williams gave us a taste of her new single “Fire.” This week, Michelle goes a step further and unveils the cover art, which was shot by photographer to the stars, Derek Blanks. “Fire” will be released in its entirety later today. It can also be had bundled with Michelle’s previous single “If We Had Yoyr Eyes,” should be choose to buy it from Walmart.
So, what do you guys think of Michelle’s cover look? I love it- though I must admit- she looks like the ultimate Church Lady.

Update: Here is ‘Fire’ in its entirety.


Michelle Williams’ New Song


Singer Michelle Williams has a freebie for all her fans who buy her new single “If We Had Your Eyes” from Walmart.

According to Michelle, the Walmart version comes bundled with a second single, “Fire,” which you can get a quick listen to below.

Michelle’s upcoming fourth solo CD, “Journey to Freedom,” will be released sometime in early 2014 and features what she calls a “ratchet urban sound.”

As for a possible reunion with her Destiny’s Child bandmates on the new album, Michelle says that won’t happen, but another unexpected collabo will.

“I have some beats on this album that are really turnt up,” Michelle told Billboard. “I also collaborated with somebody that people are gonna be shocked about. It’s really amazing. The fans are going to go crazy when they hear it.”

Fire Ends Rihanna Concert Early

Pop diva Rihanna’s Dallas concert at the American Airlines Arena on Friday night was on fire… literally.

After much of the singer’s show went off without a hitch, things took a turn for the worse when a light high above the stage suddenly caught fire.

Rihanna, dressed in canary yellow evening gown, was quickly whisked off the stage- fans however were left wondering if the explosive scene they were witnessing was real or simply part of the evening’s festivities.

The crowd eventually caught on when sparks from the light continued to go off and the arena started filling up with smoke.

According to Dallas Fire & Rescue, the crowd of about 12,000 was safely evacuated and the fire was put out quickly by arena staff.

Rihanna later tweeted about the event saying she was on her way to a meeting to find out exactly what went wrong.

Check out spectacular footage filmed by a fan below.