Meagan Good to Reprise ‘Foxy Brown’ for Hulu


Meagan Good to Star in ‘Foxy Brown’ Reboot for Hulu

Foxy Brown Reboot to Star Meagan Good: According to published reports, actress Meagan Good is set to star in and co-produce a TV version of the classic 1974 Blaxploitation film Foxy Brown. The project will air on Hulu and has apparently already found a showrunner in Malcolm Spellman (Empire) and head writer in Ben Watkins (Burn Notice).
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Foxy Brown In Action

Foxy Someone with a camera and a really keen eye caught Foxy Brown (pre-jail) on film having an altercation with a pedestrian (s). In the video, Foxy is seen arguing with a man on the street, throwing something at him and then chasing him down. Later on you see another man heading for Foxy with “The Club” and being restrained by another man who witnessed the altercation. What set Foxy off is not known exactly, but what is apparent is why Foxy sits in jail today. If nothing else, this video is testament to why sometimes it is just best to walk away.
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Foxy Brown Sentenced To A Year In Jail

What in the world is going on with female rappers? It seems the sistas are now rivaling the brothas when it comes to doing time. First Lil Kim is sent to the slammer, then Remy Ma reportedly shoots a woman, and now Foxy Brown, after a string of arrests, is on her way to jail as well. A Brooklyn judge today ordered Foxy to be locked up for the next year for violating the conditions of her parole. Sadly, Foxy is reportedly three months pregnant which means if she spends the entire year in jail she will give birth there. How horrible is that?
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Foxy Brown Pregnant?

According to the NY Post, rapper Foxy Brown is pregnant and supposedly getting married next month. Foxy apparently blurted out the good news after being released from police custody after yet another run in with the law. Foxy, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was released on her own recognizance after being arrested by a New Jersey State Trooper for driving with a suspended license and apparently giving false information about her identity. No word yet as when the baby is due or who the mysterious father/fiancé is.
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