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a request...pretty in pink...

Happy Monday Ladies…

Hope your weekend went great. GT decided to share with you a request from a Get Togetha reader who wanted home decor inspiration from the “pretty in pink” background wall paper.  The color Pink is an ultra feminine and fun color so the best way to rock it is to glam it up with shine! This affordable but quality roundup is for a small space corner nook or a foyer so that you can have a restful place to just chill, read or reflect. All items are affordably priced…one hundred dollars or less…

If you have any pics for inspiration e-mail me at or contact GT here  for pricing and I’ll turn it into a room for you and your fellow Brown Sistas. You can live glam too…didn’t you know?

So what do you think?

reader poll: Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Living.

*Waves Hi*

What’s good Brown Sista family!  GT here. This week I’m just poking my head in to conduct a little survey. This week over at the Get Togetha blog I’ll be featuring some great gift ideas for Valentines Day. Now I know that Valentine’s day is a little over two weeks away; but if you walk into any drugstore the red hearts, the Russell Stover chocolates and the cutesy cards have already began to surface. But I also wanted to take a little reader poll. It seems as if many of us are divided when it comes to celebrating this Holiday. Some of us love the thought of celebrating with gifts and the finer things and some of us are dead set against the commercial material aspect of what Valentine’s day has turned out to be. And better yet some of us might be inspired by the love of Michelle and Barack and do something extra special this year.

So Brown Sistas and Fellas…what are your expectations for Valentine’s Day? Are you the traditional roses and candy type, or do you treat it like it were just any other ordinary day?  Valentine’s Day: Yay or Nay?

doing things differently.

GT knows you’ve heard this a zillion times by now but Happy New Year Brown Sistas! 2009 is going to be so great! I can just feel it in my bones. We have so much to be grateful for and work to do!

If you have a pulse then you can’t escape listmania or the buzzing of New Year’s Resolutions. But here’s a spin: Get Togetha’s  Top Ten things you can do differently for your home and for yourself in the 09.

  1. Stop taking yourself seriously. We all evolve and grow at our own pace.
  2. Make something your own. Have a signature style;  and rock it. I’m a fan of a big chunky ring.
  3. Stop comparing your life to other people’s lives. Live Ya Life! Continue Reading

have a happy.

What it do Brown Sista Family? Hope all is well on the other side of the computer screen. Gosh. Golly. The Holidays are upon us and it all happened so quickly. There was a time when GT was wondering whether Nov 4th would ever get here and now it’s the 24th! 

GT wishes you nothing but the best of best Thanksgivings whether you celebrate it or not. Also. Look for the up and coming 2008 Get Togetha gift guide! DIY, online purchases and out of the box ideas. Speaking of gifts..Get Togetha is having it’s first ever giveaway! But two things. One. You have to answer the below question and two you have to jump on over to Get Togetha to find out details…have a happy and be blessed!

What is your favorite dish to make/eat on Thanksgiving and what do you love most about this Holiday?

what you know for sure.

Happy Monday Brown Sistas.

Whether you’re 18 or 88; we have all learned a thing or two about life and living. We all have had those days when we’ve either feel trapped, lost or misguided but still you made it through. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post. *Wink Wink* Here are eleven things that GT knows for sure about life.

  1. Your attitude towards life will either make you or break you.
  2. Trust your intuition. It’s real and it works.
  3. When it comes to our bodies; men don’t care about half of our perceived flaws.
  4. Action speaks louder than words and that includes inaction.
  5. A person is only good as their level of integrity. When you find people who follow through on their word; they are rare gem.
  6. Everyone needs a friend that will tell you the truth; even when you don’t wanna to hear it.
  7. Take your job seriously; but not yourself.
  8. Hints do not work; ask for what you want.
  9. Get rid of the cheap clutter and the “I might find a use for this someday” mentality.  If its gathering dust you won’t use it.
  10. Stuff is not your legacy. It may only be a quarter or a dollar; but is it really worth the time or the hassle?
  11. *You can’t measure talent cause talent is subjective. Drive, passion, persistence, focus, determination, preparation and a whole bunch of other factors determine outcome.
* Wanna know what GT thinks about celebs and talent? Click here.
Share your lessons. What are some things you know for sure?