no cost.

Happy Monday Brown Sistas.

Everyone around the way has been saying that money is tight and that gift lists will be short this year. And GT understands. Only one person is getting a “gift gift” this year and that’ll be my mama. But for the most part the money crunch is real; so no Plasma TV’s, costly designer bags, and most definitely not another sweater. As promised GT delivers you gift ideas that are no cost or low cost, and this will be the final word on gifting. The best gifts and the most remembered gifts are gifts from the heart…so here are my top five….

  1. Give a coupon for a service performed by you. You can make the coupon up on your home computer, add some holiday graphics to make it pretty, sprinkle it with glue and glitter and shazam!  Coupons could be good for, baby sitting, house keeping, mowing the lawn, house sitting, pet sitting, snow shoveling, help in the garden, massage, laundry, ironing, shopping or errand running. The coupons will only cost you your time, and everyone receiving it appreciates a gift of quality time. Plus they help take the load off.
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