Ashanti’s Walmart “Soundcheck” Performance

As Ashanti prepares to release her 5th solo CD, the singer is hitting the promotional trail hard to see to it that “The Declaration”, hitting record store shelves tomorrow June 3rd, is her biggest to date. On March 12th the singer taped a concert especially for Walmart’s “Soundcheck” concert series which is streamed online. Along with past hits, Ashanti performed her latest single “The Way That I love You” and one of my favorite tracks from the new album, Girlfriend.
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Salt n’ Pepa Show Promo Pics

Salt n’ Pepa With the Salt n’ Pepa show just weeks away, VH-1 has released publicity shots of rap music’s original Spice Girls, and I swear looking at these two sistas brings back so many memories for me of growing up in the Bronx. Salt n’ Pepa were to my generation what The Supremes were to my mom’s generation. Yes- it is just that deep. Every Black girl growing up in the NYC wanted to look and dress like S n’ P. The biker shorts and leather jackets, the blond asymetrical hairstyle- you name it- whatever they did- we copied it. I just knew I was Pepa and my girlfriend from upstairs was Salt (lol) .
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Keyshia Cole Performs At Pepsi Smash Live

Keyshia Cole I’ll admit it, I was never really a Keyshia Cole fan but I think as of late I may be converting over to one. Her first album didn’t particularly touch me and I thought her attitude was abysmal. It wasn’t until after I saw a few episodes of her reality show on BET that I stopped turning my nose up at this sista and instead started trying to relate to her. Shortly after that I caught her performing her hit single, Love, on 106 & Park and every since then I have sorta been feeling her style. You have all heard the Mary J. comparisons by now but Keyshia only reminds me of Mary in the slightest of ways. They are both soul singers from rough backgrounds who have a strong attachment to overly bleached blond hair (lol), but other than those two things I see nothing else they really have in common… musically at least.
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Melanie Brown’s Husband Troubles

Now that Melanie Brown has married Stephen Belafonte, the media’s focus seems to have shifted from Eddie Murphy, to Melanie’s new hubby, who seems to have a very jaded past. According to news reports, Stephen lists his last name on their marriage certificate as Belafonte when in actuality it is Stansbury. There are also reports that he tried to pass himself off as Dionne Warwick’s nephew and Harry Belafonte’s son. The most troubling news however is how many times Stephen has been arrested for violent crimes, all against past girlfriends.
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Trailer: Why Did I Get Married?

Janet Jackson’s new movie, Why Did I Get Married?, is due to hit theaters October 12th and has the first look at what both Janet and Tyler Perry fans can expect from their joint venture. Why Did I Get Married is the big screen adaptation of Perry’s stage play about the trials of marriage, and what happens to one family when a sexy young vixen arrives on the scene. The movie also stars Dreamgirls actress, Sharon Leal, singer Jill Scott and Girlfriends co-star, Keesha Sharp.
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Melanie Brown Talks To Essence…

… and is sure to set tongues a wagging with what she had to say about Eddie Murphy’s lifestyle. Speaking for the first time to an American publication, Malanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, gives Essence magazine the scoop on her relationship with Eddie and why she truly believes he so unexpectedly called their relationship off. Melanie tells Essence writer Kenya Byrd that upon agreeing to buy a home together she discovered Eddie led a lifestyle that wasn’t fit for children. Though not going into much detail, she claims having strange people knocking on her door at three and four in the morning was not something she wanted to bring her children into.
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Jill Marie Jones New Movie Role

Former Girlfriend, Jill Marie Jones, is in talks to star in a new movie with singer and wanna-be actress Jessica Simpson. The movie, tentatively titled, Major Movie Star, revolves around Jessica of course, a pampered movie star who joins the army to impress a movie producer. Jill will play Jessica’s sidekick and blah, blah, blah, we all know the rest. I love Jill but anything with Jessica Simpson as the star is doomed to fail at the box office.