have a happy.

What it do Brown Sista Family? Hope all is well on the other side of the computer screen. Gosh. Golly. The Holidays are upon us and it all happened so quickly. There was a time when GT was wondering whether Nov 4th would ever get here and now it’s the 24th! 

GT wishes you nothing but the best of best Thanksgivings whether you celebrate it or not. Also. Look for the up and coming 2008 Get Togetha gift guide! DIY, online purchases and out of the box ideas. Speaking of gifts..Get Togetha is having it’s first ever giveaway! But two things. One. You have to answer the below question and two you have to jump on over to Get Togetha to find out details…have a happy and be blessed!

What is your favorite dish to make/eat on Thanksgiving and what do you love most about this Holiday?