The Body Shop

Brazil Nut Body Butter After years of hearing about The Body Shop I finally decided to visit their website and give a few of their products a try. In the past I had heard their body butters were to die for and rumor even has it that Jennifer Lopez used her pull to get one of their shops to open up after hours just so she could buy a few cases of the legendary cream before leaving the country. But it wasn’t the name J-Lo that got me to purchase their creams. Instead it was the rave reviews of friends, family and dozens of acquaintances online who finally led me to try this line of beauty products.
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Brandy: Sometimes, Honey & Risk It All

Brandy Norwood Singer Brandy Norwood is currently in the studio recording her fifth studio album and a host of a-list writers and producers have been brought in to help stage her comeback. Rodney Jerkins, who produced Feedback for Janet Jackson, is said to be the executive producer of the as yet untitled CD. However, Polow da Don, Scott Storch, and The Neptunes are also expected to contribute tracks and production work as well. And though the new CD isn’t expected to drop until much later this year, supposed new singles from that CD have been steadily leaking to the net over the last few weeks.
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What Black Women Want

With word that Vibe Vixen would be no more after the Aug/Sept edition, folks are once again scratching their heads and wondering why so many magazines aimed at Black women seem to fail. Granted, few magazines are ever geared towards sisters, but in the last 3 years, 3 of the most visible to do so, have ceased publication: Vixen, Honey and Suede. Now in the past I have written about exactly why I believe Honey folded, but Suede came and went so fast that I never even saw it, while Vixen was an on again- off again project that just never really took off.
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Vibe Vixen Ceases Publication

In a press release sent out yesterday, Steven Aaron, who was recently named CEO of Vibe Media Group, said the magazine would cease production with the August/September issue which features Rihanna on the cover. Vixen was a magazine I only became hipped to recently and I subscribed to it for the sole purpose of scanning the articles and pictures for this site. I will miss Vixen slightly, mainly because it gave sistas who weren’t Essence material a place to be seen and heard. Now that Vixen has folded what other magazine made for sistas will feature artists like Keyshia Cole and Mya on the cover? It is times like this that I truly miss Honey Magazine.

Honey Magazine: Making A Comeback?

While sitting around and feeling somewhat nostalgic a few days ago, I decided to do a search of my favorite magazine from back in the day.That magazine was of course Honey, and to my surprise I saw that the site and the mag will both be re-launching soon.

Just 10 years ago, I believe Honey was probably one of the hottest magazines around for African American Sistas.Unfortunately, after having a glorious start with Angela Burt-Murray ((I think she was the original Editor, I could be wrong though.)) as their editor, the owners of Honey decided to replace her with a woman who would effectively ruin Honey by replacing the images of Black men and women, with images of white looking women and gay looking Hispanic men.
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Star Style: Get Celebrity Hair Now!

Everyone wants hair that looks as good as a celebrity’s. So we went to Pantene celebrity stylist Chuck Amos, whose clients have included Mya, Brandy and Vanessa Williams , and we talked to Bridget Hill, a Peter Coppola colorist recently named by Allure magazine as one of New York’s best, to dish about what styles the hottest stars are rockin’ and how you can get them. What’s Hot Now?

Big Hair
“Hair is hot right now,” says Amos. “And lots of it!” Amos suggests wearing hair big this season. Take notes from Beyoncé, who is doing things big these days – especially with her hair. From award show appearances to her sexy “Deja Vu” video, the Grammy Award-nominated songstress is donning big, wavy, beautiful curls. To create the look, try pumping up your hair (or extensions) with large hot rollers or a large barrel curling iron just before you wash your hair. “Dirty” hair is your best friend when going for the wild look, experts say. After curling hair, flip your head upside down and scrunch the roots of your hair with a dab of volumizing gel. Then apply a small amount of pomade to your ends so your hair won’t look dull or dry. Spritz with a small amount of holding spray and then go rock the party. Oh, but be sure to wash everything out the following morning or you’ll have a matted mess to deal with.
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Letoya Luckett: Destiny’s Orphan

Don’t act like you forgot; 1998 wasn’t that long ago. Before “Survivor” was saturating radios and Jay-Z had the “hottest chick in the game wearing his chain,” Destiny’s Child was four young, beautiful girls by the names of Beyonce, Kelly, Letoya and LeTavia. Singles like “No, No, No Pt. 2” and “Bills, Bills, Bills” were topping the charts with their alluring beats and catchy hooks, while adepty-harmonized vocals from the quartet pushed earned them multi-platinum record sales and a stronghold as one of the premier female groups of the era. But behind the scenes, the group wasn’t so melodious—Letoya and Latavia had disagreements with manager Matthew Knowles, and the two were eventually ousted from the group.
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