New Movie: How She Move

Keyshia Cole, Rutina Wesley and Tre Armstrong Handprint Ceremony at Planet Hollywood in New York
What’s the best way to solve life’s problems? Have a dance off of course- and that is exactly what happens in the new film “How She Move”. After her sister’s fatal drug addiction sucks up the family’s private school funds, Raya (Rutina Wesley) is back at public school and needs cash to get out of her dangerous neighborhood. Luckily she’s a master step dancer, and, conveniently, the high-paying Stepmonster team tournament is coming up soon. While Raya trains, her mom (Melanie Nicholls-King) disapproves; estranged friend Michelle (Tre Armstrong) resents her–until she needs Raya to tutor her, of course–and fellow step expert Bishop (Dwain Murphy) tries to show Raya his moves in more ways than one. How She Move opens in theaters nationwide today and is an MTV Production that also features a cameo by singer Keyshia Cole.