New Beyonce “Sasha Fierce” Promo Shots

I decided to edit this post to share the latest Billboard news concerning Beyonce’s first single, If I Were A Boy. For those of you who read my post a few days ago, you know that If I Were A Boy was released on iTunes last week and quickly shot to the top of the charts. Generally when a song has strong digital sales it will go #1 and artsists like T.I. and Rihanna have been beneficiaries of this trend quite often. Unfortunately, Beyonce has not. If I Were Boy did fly up to the charts but two singles by T.I. stopped it from reaching pole position. So as of this week, Billboard Magazine shows Beyonce sitting in third place on the Hot 100, behind Whatever You Like by T.I. and Live Your Life by T.I and Rihanna. Does this mean If I Were A Boy won’t go #1? Nope. It simply means that it won’t go #1 this week. However, with a rise in airplay and steady downloads- the song could still make it to the top next week or within the coming weeks.
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