Sleepy Hollow Unveils Ten Second Teaser Clip

SLEEPY HOLLOW SEASON 3 PREVIEW - 0Sleepy Hollow has graced its fans with a ten second teaser clip of what they can expect to see when the show returns for its third season this Thursday, October 1.

The clip, titled Tease in Ten, features leads Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills) and Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) giving fans a glimpse into what writers have planned for their characters.

Nicole teases several love interests for Tom’s Ichabod Crane character, one from the past (Betsy Ross) and another from the present. She also hints at one of her past flames, Agent Daniel Reynolds, showing up on the scene.
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Ichabbie Hugs it Out in Season 3 Opener

Sleepy Hollow and its Ichabbie hugs- they have practically become the stuff of legends. It was the Ichabbie hug in Sin Eater that first grabbed my attention and eventually led to me becoming the filthy shipper trash I am today.

Follow-up hugs in Bad Blood and This is War would go on to become just as addicting among Ichabbie fans, so much so writers and producers of the show have actively begun shipper baiting fans using the hugs for ratings.
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Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Picture Review

A Unique Sleepy Hollow Picture Review

SLEEPY HOLLOW SEASON 3 PICTURE REVIEWWhen I first viewed the image to your right a few weeks ago, I joked on Tumblr that Ichabod looked like he was picking out granite slabs for his kitchen countertop. However, now that I have seen I, Witness, the episode that features the scene depicted in the photo, I know that what we’re seeing is actually so much more.

The concrete slab you see is actually a very old tablet Ichabod got his hands on, and it may very well be the new key to the Witnesses’ mission. Should this tablet’s importance not vanish, say the way the Kindred did, it will be interesting to see where the writers take things.
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Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Promo Pics

SLEEPY HOLLOW SEASON 3 PROMO PICSI wish I could get excited by these new Sleepy Hollow season 3 promo pics execs released to fans over the weekend, but I cannot.

How can I? Have you guys seen the promo images for Empire’s season two? If not, check here, here and here. Fox’s hit sophomore drama is slaying souls in support of their new season, while Sleepy execs are busy releasing the worst cropped promo images I have ever seen.
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Nicole Beharie to Appear at Dragon Con in Atlanta

Nicole Beharie at Dragon Con is Just What Sleepy Hollow Fans Needed

NICOLE BEHARIE AT DRAGON CONActress Nicole Beharie is set to appear at this year’s Dragon Con alongside her Sleepy Hollow co-star Tom Mison.

Now that Fox’s hit sci-fi drama is taping in Atlanta, it seems only right the show’s lead characters, Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane, would be in attendance for the yearly spectacle.

Like Comic Con, Dragon Con is a huge event and great opportunity for actors to interact with their fans, and in the case of Sleepy Hollow, scoop up some much needed positive press.
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Sleepy Hollow Cast Going to Comic Con + New Writer Promises Season 3 Greatness

SLEEPY-HOLLOW-SEASON-3-CAST-GOING-TO-SAN-DIEGO-COMIC-CON-0Rise n’ shine Sleepyheads, we’ve got some great news for ya. Sleepy Hollow’s new pared down cast of Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison and Lyndie Greenwood are all set to appear at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

If that’s not enough to get your heart racing, we hear fans in attendance will get a sneak peak at what we can expect to see in season three.

Quiet as kept, the actors have been taping the upcoming season since mid-May and writers are now starting to give small glimpses into where things may be headed when the show returns to Fox’s line-up this fall.

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