Janet’s Return !

Janet Jackson It’s happening. It’s really going to happen. One sure sign that a celebrity has a product to promote is when you start seeing them showing up at random events. Of course we saw Janet last week, she was promoting Why Did I Get Married. But promotion is over and yet Janet shows no signs of going back into seclusion. Janet has already stated that her new album will be coming out in the first quarter of of 2008, which leads me to believe she might be dropping a new single any day now. Janet was out last night taking in the Hollywood Film Festival’s 11th Annual Hollywood Awards and she looked fabulous. Janet is keeping slim and trim these days which is also another sign of an impending single. If you are longtime Janet fan you know not to get your hopes up too high, but with a new label, new look, hit movie and new book all dropping around the same time, I can’t help but get just a little excited.
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Beyonce Performs At Millennium Bash

Beyonce So remember I told you guys a few months back that Janet Jackson and Beyonce were scheduled to perform at Ethiopia’s millennium bash? Well Janet was obviously too busy basking in the glow of her box office success to show up, but Beyonce wasn’t. Beyonce not only showed up and performed but got a Queen’s welcome to boot. After a tour of the millennium stadium, which was built just for the occasion, Beyonce was brought to the King’s palace to meet Ethiopia’s President Girma Woldegiorgis. Word is Beyonce’s parents were also in attendance and got the royal treatment as well. Beyonce’s appearance before 5,000 Ethiopian fans serves as just one of her stops on her world tour which she extended in order to tour countries she has never toured before. After performing in Russia earlier this week and the millennium bash on Saturday, Beyonce next sets her sights on India, where she is scheduled to perform before a crowd of over ten thousand.
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LaLa Brown Killed (Updated)

LaLa Brown I hate to post horrible stories like this, but obviously I must. Yolanda Brown, better known as LaLa, is rumored to have been found murdered in a Milwaukee recording studio along with her boyfriend, JeTannue Clayborn. LaLa is the female singer featured on Lyfe Jennings hit single, SEX. LaLa and JeTannue were reportedly ambushed in the studio, robbed and then shot dead. Let me add that so far I cannot find a reliable link that actually says LaLa was killed and I got this story myself from a Janet Jackson message board. A quick search of other blogs only shows Sandra Rose to be carrying the story, but she says she received it in an e-mail. Lyfe Jennings’ official message board is also posting this, but they too have only heard the rumor online.
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WDIGM Is The #1 Movie In America

tyler-film-1a.jpg Janet Jackson, Tasha Smith, Jill Scott and Sharon Leal have a lot of celebrating to do tonight as their movie, Why Did I Get Married, has officially been certified the #1 movie in America. Apparently no one thought Tyler Perry and his ensemble cast of d-list (yeah someone actually said that) actors could take the #1 spot, especially when going up against a new film starring Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix. They obviously underestimated the power of the Black female dollar and Tyler Perry in general. Not only do sistas generally turn out to support one another but we drag our boyfriends and husbands along with us. It should also be noted that three of Tyler Perry’s four films have all opened at #1. So why does America keep underestimating this man and us? Who cares really. We came, we supported, we took the top spot. Btw, I saw the film earlier today and loved it. Did any of you guys see it and if so what did you think?

Janet Promoting WDIGM

Janet Jackson Singer Janet Jackson has been criss-crossing the country all this week promoting her new film Why Did I Get Married. Janet made two stops in New York on Thursday, appearing on Good Morning America with Tyler Perry, and later on taping a segment of 106 & Park with both Tyler and Jill Scott. Why Did I Get Married opens today nationwide and sistas especially should support this film. Tyler’s last film to star a Black woman, Daddy’s Little Girls, with Gabrielle Union didn’t do so well at the theaters leading many to believe Black America won’t support a Tyler film without the Madea character. Let’s prove them wrong and show our support for not only Tyler but for the many Black actresses that he gives opportunities to.
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It’s About To Be A Girl Fight !

2007 is shaping up to be the year of the comeback diva and Mary J. Blige has officially thrown her hat into the ring. Mary’s new CD, Growing Pains, is due to hit record store shelves on November 20th, the same day as Mariah Carey and Foxy Brown. To make things even more interesting, the week before, November 13th, will see Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, and Celine Dion go head to head for the number one position, as their new CD’s will drop on the same day as well. As you all know CD release dates are subject change at any time (just ask Mya), but I don’t think any of the above artists, not even Foxy, will have their release dates moved forward or pushed back.
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Clip Of Salt n’ Pepa’s New Reality Series

Pepa, Salt & Spinderella As previously reported, the best darn thing to come outta the 80’s since Janet Jackson’s Control album, my girls Salt n’ Pepa, have signed on to do a reality series with VH-1. Since Salt walked away from the group in the late 90’s, she has married, had two children and found God. Pepa on the other hand is supposedly still a wild child trying to relive the heyday of the group’s popularity, and that apparently is the premise of the show. Pepa wants Salt to come back to performing, while Salt is weary of doing anything that she thinks is contrary to the spiritual person she is today. The show is due to air October 15th. and VH-1 has released about a five minute promo of the premiere episode.
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