Why I Don’t Care About Amber Rose

Amber Rose There is almost no website that you can go to without a mention of her. Whether it be a picture of her leaving a restaurant, shopping with her rapper beau or simply walking down the damn street. You cannot escape the force that is…. Amber Rose. I want to start off by saying that I have very little interest in this woman. In fact I hesitated on writing this post because I see the hypocrisy in it so save the insolent comments. However, I decided to proceed because there were a few things on my mind concerning her and naturally I want to do it for my own shits and giggles. Oh, and yours as well. As I previously mentioned, you cannot visit any blog site whether it be urban or mainstream without a mention of this now celebrious woman. I’m not hating but, we know nothing about her besides the glammed pictures. Soooo, why should I give a s**t? Hence the reason why I named this post “Why I Don’t Give a S**t About Amber Rose”. Preliminaries aside, let’s begin the rundown of my reasons.

1. She has done absolutely nothing that we know of besides be Kanye’s Girlfriend.

Sure, she does a weekly cat walk for us in her trendsetting outfits but other than that she offers us nothing more than eye candy. She does not entertain us in any manner. She does not sing, dance, rap, act, hell I have barely heard her speak to know if she possesses a Cheetos puff worth of intellect. I don’t understand the allure. Is it because she is bald and does not give a s**t who likes it or not? As of yet, we have only seen her pose for the camera. My question is what else does she have to offer? The one time I have heard her speak was on an interview with Angela Yee’ s Lip Service Radio Show and from what I could gather she is a free spirit. You know the type who wants everyone around them to be them, which is cool and all but what else is there?

2. We Only Care About Her Because Of Kanye

It is no secret that we are only talking about her because she is dating Kanye West. It is amazing how one can gain fame and fortune from simply dating a celebrity and doing nothing more. Literally, she does nothing else. Are we so bored with our choices of celebrities that we will create one? It is no longer enough for someone to genuinely work hard at a craft or art and garner fame. Now, you can boink one of the biggest rap stars and voila! You’re a celebrity. I guess Twista and Kanye were not lying when they said they can make a chick a celebrity overnight.

3. Does The Media Tell Us To Like Her Or Have We Told The Media That We Like Her? Hmmm…

It is amazing how much control the media has over us. Some think that the media is indirectly telling us what to want or not want, who to like or not like. What annoys me is that they are so whimsical with this s**t. A blow in the wind and now you have magically been transformed into the S**T (resounding voice). Amazingly, we went from hating on her to glorifying her. Just months ago it was “who is this bald head girl Kanye is hanging with? She dresses funny. She looks like a man.” Presto Chango, now it is “Amber Rose, did you see her? Look what she has on. She is such a style icon. Wow, she has an amazing body. She is so edgy. Eww!” See how easy it is for the media to manipulate us? Months ago no one really gave two farts in the wind about Amber Rose and now, she is on the majority of the most popular blog sites damn near daily. What did she do in the meantime to deserve this attention and praise you ask? Not a damn thing. Moving on…

4. All We Ever Hear About Her Is Negative

The few things that I have heard about her have had a negative spin to them. One being that she is bisexual. To each their own and I don’t think this is necessarily a negative but some people dislike her simply because the girl said in an interview that she likes to perform oral on other women. Whatever works for you dear. Another story I have heard was that she was a stripper. People are quick to pass judgment on people who work in the adult entertainment industry. Even if they secretly enjoy it they still pass judgment on its affiliates. While out in public that is. I also heard a rumor that she is dumb as a box of rocks. Mediatakeout posted a piece about how a supposed “friend “of Ambers contacted them and told them that Amber has never been a very smart girl and that Kanye treats her like dog s**t. There was also a rumor of her having a son who she is said to barely spend time with. I don’t know what the girl does in her spare time so I won’t judge but they do pose an interesting case when we constantly see her cascading around town childless. This might be done purposely to avoid having him in the limelight as well. The newest rumor was that her ass wasn’t really her a**. She supposedly got a** shots to increase its fullness. They even took the time to post before and after pictures. Who knows how much truth there is to any of these rumors but the point is that they either speak negatively about her as a person while complimenting her on her outfit. In fact the only positive thing I have ever seen written about her is the post that was titled “ What Women Can Learn From Amber Rose”. I forget where I saw this but it gave a list of different reasons we should admire her. Admire what? I don’t get it. Finally, in her interviews sex seems to be one of the main topics. The interviewee always finds a way to work that in because they know she will speak on it freely which is fine but there has to be a balance. Otherwise we are left asking the question, “What else does she have to offer?” If I have to be forced to see her on every website can we at least learn something positive and new about her? For instance, does she give to charity? Or, what are her hobbies? Hell, does she like cheese on her bologna sandwiches? Something besides the constant photos of her strolling down the street a’ la’ Rihanna or pictures of her with an paparazzi hating Kanye on a sandy beach in Cancun.

5. Dare I Say That Her Relationship With Kanye Is A… Sham!

I try not to be one to overly judge the choices of others romantically but isn’t it odd that as the rumors of Kanye being gay began to rear their rainbow colored head he pops up with a new chick? Also, aside from the rumors of him being gay Kanye is not a topic in the headline right now. Suddenly he comes with this new chick on his arm who is the polar opposite from all of the previous women he has been seen with! She is a fashionista, she is bold with her appearance, and she likes to lay on the beach with her titties hanging out. Who is this woman? Pat on the back for Kanye for banging her! Suddenly Kanye’s name is on the tip of every media outlets tongue again. There are some individuals who believe that Kanye and Amber’s relationship is concocted to garner him publicity and her a check. I am not implying that I am completely convinced of that. However, I am also not completely convinced of the counter. After all, this is Hollywood.

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