Keri Hilson and Netflix Team Up

Keri Hilson and Netflix May Be Working on a New Project Together

keri hilson and netflixKeri Hilson and Netflix are apparently teaming up for some sort of project. Keri posted a photo of herself at Netflix’s offices in New York recently, with the captionWait, what?!” and a smiley face with the symbol of a clapboard.

I’m sure Keri can’t divulge all the details just yet, but it’s obvious she’s alluding to the taping of something- possibly an appearance in one of Netflix’s many original programs.
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Keri Hilson Gifts Fans with New Album Info

Keri Hilson Unveils New Album Promo Shots

KERI HILSON POSTS PROMO PICS FOR LOYAL FANSIn honor of hitting one million Instagram followers, earlier today singer Keri Hilson gifted fans with new promo shots from her upcoming album.

“I was going thru the raw selects from one of my latest shoots on my laptop when I got a text that I’d reached 1 million followers,” Keri wrote. Figured I’d give a lil sneaky peak… can’t wait to share all the new-new.”
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New Music from Keri Hilson: Scream and 100

New Music from Keri Hilson Leaked Online

KERI HILSON - SCREAM - 100 -0After an almost five year hiatus, singer Keri Hilson is finally back with new music, though we don’t know how official it may be.

Late last night two new singles from Keri turned up online: Scream, which is produced by her longtime collaborator Palow da Don, and 100, which features rapper Young Thug.

Keri has acknowledged neither song on her social media accounts, though fans have naturally been inundating her with questions of their newness and authenticity.
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What She Wore: Keri Hilson in H&M Patterned Silk Dress


Keri Hilson’s love of H&M appears to be steady despite the singer no longer representing the company as she did back in 2011 as their Brand Ambassador.

The Pretty Girl Rock singer was spotted recently wearing a Conscious Exclusive patterned silk-blend dress by the company, which retails for a wallet friendly $299.

Keri rocked the gorgeous ensemble for the International Leadership Awards, which are presented and hosted every year by former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young.

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Keri Hilson Tweets Album News

keri-hilson-body-1494563482 (140x140)

Singer Keri Hilson is almost ready to return to the music scene. After an almost five year hiatus, the 32-year old Atlanta native recently revealed plans to release new material this year and in the process take back her life.

“I can’t wait to share the music,” Keri tweeted to fans recently. “Can’t wait to talk about it. Thank you to those who have waited patiently for me to take back my life. I’ll explain it all through the music.”
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Keri Hilson’s New Music Has a Fan in Monica


It has been almost four years since Keri Hilson released new music via her “No Boys Allowed” album, but according to fellow R&B singer Monica, that might all be about to change.

Via her Instagram account, Monica shared a photo of Keri in the studio, along with a caption asserting the singer’s new music would likely lead to a couple of Grammys.

Keri’s first Grammy nods came back in 2010 when she was nominated for Best New Artist and for Best Rap Sung Collaboration for her work with Ne-Yo and Kanye West on her single “Knock You Down.”
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Keri Hilson Shows Off Her New Look

The 20th Anniversary of the release of ‘Poetic Justice’ has inspired quite a few celebs to don dookie braids again. Singer Janet Jackson made the look even more popular than it already was when she wore the style for the film back in 2003.

Earlier this year Solange sported the look, as did her sister Beyonce and countless other Brown Sistas. Singer Keri Hilson is the latest to jump on the trend, showing off her new locks via Instagram.

Keri further showed off her do at the Grand Opening of the Krave Bar & Lounge (formerly known as Luxe Lounge) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Keri also did a mystery photo shoot with her new look, which was posted online by makeup artist Lahluvie..

Keri Hilson Agrees to Bow Down


Don’t Do It, Keri !

Singer Keri Hilson is rumored to be teaming up with producer Timbaland to record an apology record to Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Yes, you read correctly.

Timbaland broke the news in a recent interview with Diddy’s Revolt TV, where he spoke of his falling out with Jay-Z and his plans to make amends to the hip-hop heavyweight, via ‘Sorry,’ a single to be featured on his next solo project.

Timbaland also revealed news of Keri Hilson appearing on the single, apparently to do a bit of groveling herself to the Queen B.

Lyrics from Keri’s 2009 single ‘Turnin’ Me On’ have long been rumored to have been about Beyonce, despite the singer’s steadfast denials. Still, Keri will reportedly accompany Timbaland on ‘Sorry,’ in order to set things right with Beyonce and her legion of drones.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for apologizing if a wrong has been committed. But Keri has said time and time again that she is a Beyonce fan and has nothing but respect for her. So, why? Why should Keri degrade herself by apologizing to Beyonce on record for something made up by bloggers and disgruntled fans who don’t want to see any other black female singer rise to the top?

Keri needs to step back and really rethink this one. If she thinks this song will get the Beyhive off of her back she is sorely mistaken. If anything, they will come after her even more with taunts of her bowing down to their queen.

Rihanna often makes shady comments that are thought to be about Beyonce and she never denies them. If anything, she encourages them. Badgirl RiRi would never bow down to any singer- and she sure as hell wouldn’t grovel on record.

Get off your knees Keri and get a backbone. If you allow this ‘Sorry’ record to be released you will be the laughing stock of every social media outlet there is. But worst of all, the hive will never let you forget how they forced you to bow down.

Keri Hilson Explains Musical Hiatus


Singer Keri Hilson’s absence from the music scene as of late is no accident. The R&B diva’s last album, ‘No Boys Allowed,’ was released a mere 2 ½ years ago, however, according to Keri, she would have long since released new music by now had the “elephant” not gotten in the way.

Over the weekend Keri sent out a few cryptic tweets which quickly led to rumors of her either being pregnant or completely retiring from music.

Keri quickly logged back on the clear the air, saying “I’m not taking a leave of absence. I already took a leave of absence. Decided to finally let my fans know that I did indeed step away for a while.”

As for the pregnancy rumor, Keri cleared that up as well. “I get how you all could think you found clues to that conclusion you conjured… but I’m not pregnant. Those clues are unrelated and exaggerated.”

Keri never addressed what the “elephant” was. She did however allude to her possibly allowing something, like ego, to get in the way of her relationship with God.

“Take a moment to think about the things you find yourself putting before God.” “Is it money?” Keri asked. “Your relationship? Success? Pleasure? Your image?” she continued.

Whatever it was, Keri says “It’s still there. Just smaller now.”

As for what Keri’s fans really want- new music- no word from Keri as to when that will finally arrive.

Keri Hilson Dishes Relationship Advice


Keri Hilson is following in the footsteps of fellow R&B singer Tyrese and is using her Twitter account to dispense relationship advice.

However, unlike Tyrese’s one-sided advice which was featured in the book ‘Manology’ which he co-authored with Reverend Run, Keri’s advice may actually be worth paying attention to.

Keri doesn’t say anything our mothers and grandmothers haven’t already instilled in us as little girls. Still, it was nice to read advice that didn’t revolve totally around a woman having to play tricks and games in order to land a man.


Keri Hilson Takes a Much Needed Break

R&B singer Keri Hilson is enjoying some much needed downtime. The ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ singer once again found herself on the wrong side of Beyonce stans when a tweet she sent out earlier this week was mistaken for something more.

Within minutes Keri tried to clear her name, but it was too late. The beyhive had exited the short yellow bus and went straight for Keri’s neck.

Keri eventually succumbed to the pressure, begging the hive to leave her in peace before logging off for the remainder of the day. But alas, less than twenty-four hours later ‘Miss Keri Baby’was back to tweeting images of the fabulous life her songwriting has afforded her, while her detractors continue to save their pennies to buy multiple copies of their idol’s upcoming new single.

Rock on Keri! Rock on!

Keri Hilson Preps 2 New Films for 2013


Since the release of her 2010 Gold Certified album ‘No Boys Allowed,’ singer Keri Hilson has found time to shoot three movies, including her most recent, ‘The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Walking.’

Keri spoke of her new venture last week while attending the VH1 Divas Live Concert, revealing the film’s September 6th, 2013 release date, as well as a bit more info on her character.

According to Keri, she wanted to relive her high school athletic days and purposely sought out a role that would allow her to be as physical as possible. “I played basketball all throughout school, so I am used to running, jumping and getting physical with my opponent,” Keri said. “Riddick allowed me to do that and carry a big gun.”

Keri also revealed her work on ‘Destined,’ another film she says will be released in the upcoming year.

As for when fans can expect new music, Keri says she is still in studio and hopes to have a new single out by the summer.

VH1 Tributes Donna and Whitney

"VH1 Divas" 2012 - Show

Not a single diva can deny Whitney Houston and Donna Summer’s lasting impact on today’s music scene, and last night VH1, with help of some of today’s biggest voices, sought to pay tribute to both legends.

Singers Jordin Sparks, Melanie Fiona and Ledisi teamed up to perform a medley of Whitney’s greatest dance tracks, including ‘I’m Every Woman,’ ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody,’ ‘It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay,’ and ‘How Will I Know.’

Next up we have Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson and Adam Lambert, who tributed the great Donna Summer, performing her classics ‘Bad Girls,’ ‘She Works Hard for the Money,’ ‘Hot Stuff’ and ‘Last Dance.’

Keri Hilson Joins Divas Lineup

Singer Keri Hilson is the latest artist to be added to VH1’s ever expanding list of artists to take the stage at this year’s ‘VH1 Divas Live’ concert, which will pay tribute to singers Donna Summer and Whitney Houston

Keri joins previously announced performers Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Jordin Sparks, Kelly Clarkson, Ledisi and of all people, Natasha Bedingfield.

For those of you not in the know, Natasha gave a piss poor performance of Donna’s 1978 hit single ‘Last Dance’ at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. Whereas many people complained of the performance being cut short, I was floored that Natasha screwed up half the song’s lyrics. Clearly the British singer was not a true Donna fan and probably had her name chosen out of a hat to perform the tribute.

At any rate, VH1 will surely do Donna and Whitney justice when they air ‘VH1 Divas Live: A Tribute to Whitney Houston & Donna Summer’ on December 16th. The show will air simultaneously on television and on VH1’s official website.