Apple Music’s Emmy Commercial

Though obviously not nominated, Apple Music was by far one of the biggest winners at last night’s 67th Annual Emmy Awards.

The world’s largest music purveyors weren’t on hand, but still managed to steal a good portion of the show’s glory with a commercial that featured two nominees and the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.
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Mellie, What’s Good?

OLITZI’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. This newly released Olitz poster from season five of Scandal was just begging for a caption.

I continue to be semi jealous of Scandal fans, because even though it’s taken nearly five years for Olitz to become canon, at least you guys have writers who are willing to acknowledge that your ship is the backbone of the show.
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Official Season 5 Scandal Trailer

official season 5 scandal trailerConsidering how many promo videos have been released in support of Scandal’s upcoming season, it’s hard to imagine this one is being billed by ABC as the official season five trailer. Compared to some of the other Olitz-themed videos, this one is relatively tame, and lasts a mere thirty seconds.

Like all Scandal trailers, this one is heavy on Olitz and even heavier on the drama. We get lots of sexy scenes of our favorite political couple rolling around in the hay. As well as the one thing I’m sure the couple’s fans have been waiting for since season one: the apparent dissolution of Fitz’s marriage to Mellie.
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Scandal Season Five Promo Clip

SCANDAL SEASON FIVE PROMOWhile I’m not the world’s biggest Scandal or Olitz fan, I do respect ABC and the show’s writers for being smart enough to give the fans what they want.

Unlike shows like Empire, which recently unveiled a promo clip full of scenes from their upcoming season, Scandal’s promo clip instead features nothing but love scenes of past Olitz rendezvous, including some that actually managed to make even me blush.
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Kerry Washington Gets a Stalker in New Film


According to published reports, “Scandal” actress Kerry Washington has just signed on to star in the Fatal Attraction-esque drama “Unforgettable.”

The Warner Bros. film will be helmed by “Belle” director Amma Asante and centers around a man whose new wife (Washington) is being stalked by his ex-wife.

Actress Kate Hudson is reportedly in talks to take on the role of the ex-wife, while the role of the husband has yet to be cast.
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Kerry Washington Inks Beauty Deal


Actress Kerry Washington has inked a deal with Neutrogena very similar to the one Rihanna inked earlier this year with MAC Cosmetics.

According to WWD, Kerry will not only front campaigns for the company, she has also been named Brand Ambassador and Creative Consultant.

As a consultant, Kerry’s duties will go far beyond just appearing in the company’s ads. According to general manager Michelle Frye, Kerry will oversee the creation and marketing of new products specifically aimed at “young women with their pulse on what is now.”

As Brand Ambassador, Kerry duties will bring her in direct contact with fans at promotional and philanthropic events. Past ambassadors include Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere and Gabrielle Union.

According to Kerry she is a longtime Neutrogena user, and cites the Healthy Volume Mascara and Makeup Remover Pads as her favorite products

“For me, there has to be a connection between health and beauty. Those things can’t be in a vacuum and I think Neutrogena really champions healthy skin and beauty with a focus on health. So I gravitated toward their values and commitment to quality,” she said. “The more I met with these smart women, scientists and executives, it became clear that the company really values intelligence and the well-rounded beautiful woman, and I felt that was something I could really get behind.”

Look for Kerry’s ads to start running just in time for the holiday season.