Keyshia Cole Ditches Independence + New Movie Role

keyshia cole ditches independenceKeyshia Cole is set to make quite a bit of noise in the new year. The 34-year old singer recently announced plans for a new album, and if rumors are to be believed, a small role in the upcoming Tupac Shakur biopic.

Via Instagram, Keyshia announced plans to ditch releasing her upcoming album independently, saying “I really felt independence was the best route, but clearly that is not God’s plan for me right now.” Keyshia went on to tell fans she now has a team that wants her to “win,” and that with renewed support she plans to create the best album of her career.
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Keyshia Cole Engaged?

Is R&B Singer Keyshia Cole Engaged to be Married?

KEYSHIA COLE ENGAGED - WHO IS KEYSHIA COLE ENGAGED TOKeyshia Cole is apparently getting married again. The 34-year old singer casually revealed the news via a late night chat session with fans on Twitter.

When asked if she was [still] married, Keyshia responded, “No Engaged.” A follow-up question by another fan asked if her fiancé is Cash Money CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams, to which Cole replied, “No ma’am.”
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Keyshia Cole Remixes Drake’s Hotline Bling

New Music: Keyshia Cole Hotline Bling Remix

Singer KEYSHIA COLE HOTLINE BLING REMIXKeyshia Cole is back with new music, a remix to Drake’s summer hit Hotline Bling. The tune was remixed last week by Jadakiss, whose anti-female version more than likely led Keyshia to whip up her more female-friendly version less than 48 hours later.

“Much respect to @champagnepapi,” Keyshia Instagrammed to fans. “But this one is for the ladies.” Drake co-signed Keyshia’s post, so we assume her version met with his approval.
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New Music: Don’t Waste My Time by Keyshia Cole

Don’t Waste My Time by Keyshia Cole to be Released as Free Single

DON'T WASTE MY TIME BY KEYSHIA COLESeveral months after announcing it, singer Keyshia Cole has finally gotten around to releasing her single Don’t Waste My Time. The track was originally slated to be unveiled back in June and is a collaboration between the singer, producer London on Da Track and rapper Young Thug.

Keyshia is presently at work on her new album, and says her official first single will be available soon. So what is Don’t Waste My Time? Well, according to Keyshia, it is “something for the streets.”
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Keyshia Cole Previews New Song + Promo Pics

Keyshia Cole Best Friend

KEYSHIA COLE BEST FRIENDSinger Keyshia Cole recently gave fans a quick listen to a new single expected to be featured on her next album.

The track, titled Best Friend, sounds a lot like what you’d expect to hear from a Keyshia album these days, something we wouldn’t say is a bad thing, but definitely isn’t a good thing either.

In a recent interview, Keshia readily acknowledges losing sight of who she is musically with her last two albums, saying she hopes to reclaim her sound with her new independent release.
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Keyshia Cole Scores Prince for New Album

KEYSHIA COLE TO WORK WITH PRINCE ON NEW INDEPENDENT ALBUMWhile the internet was busy clowning Keyshia Cole for plugging her upcoming album at the BET Awards, it appears the singer may get the last laugh when the public discovers some of the talent going independent has afforded her the opportunity to work with.

According to well placed sources (the same ones who told us Keyshia was going independent back in February) Keyshia is set to team up with the Purple One himself: Prince, who had previously told the singer he would collaborate with her so long as she was not signed to a traditional label.

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Keyshia Cole Announces New Single: Don’t Waste My Time


BLUE HAIR KEYSHIASinger Keyshia Cole made a lot of noise over the weekend. The 33-year old California native switched up her look, turning in her blonde locks for blue ones, she showed off a new bikini line tattoo, and quiet as kept, she also announced the upcoming release of a new single.

Via her Twitter account, Keyshia announced plans to release her new single Don’t Waste My Time, a collaboration that features Young Thug and producer London on Da Track, this coming Thursday.

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Keyshia Cole Plots Record Independence


Though she is officially still signed to Interscope Records, in a recent interview singer Keyshia Cole says she is ready to go the independent route. Cole says her decision was influenced by Prince, who promised to record a song with her so long as she severed ties with her label.

Cole says she met the Rock icon at a party last year when he was walking by and said “Hey, how are you doing? Can you do a song with me or nah?” To her surprise Prince agreed, with the stipulation she be an independent artist. “I was doing everything on my own anyway,” Cole recently told, “So why not go all the way? I was never a packaged artist. Nobody ever told me what to do or what direction to take, so I’m just ready to make it official
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Keyshia Cole Unveils Two New Videos


Singer Keyshia Cole has just unveiled two new videos via VEVO.

The first, the visual for the singer’s “New Nu” single, taken from her 2014 album “Point of No Return” features Keyshia and friends donning military gear for a bit of paintball fun. Keyshia posted behind-the-scenes pics from this shoot a few weeks back, calling it the most fun she’d had shooting a video.

The second video is for a single called “Do That For (B.A.B)” which isn’t featured on “Point of No Return.” I hit Keyshia’s Twitter page and noticed she tagged the video/single #OffTheNewAlbum, which may mean the Oakland native has plans to release a new album this year.
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Keyshia Cole Tweets About Upcoming Jail Time


In a series of tweets that have now been deleted, singer Keyshia Cole revealed to a fan news of her being sentenced to thirty days in jail for something that reportedly happened ten years ago. Keyshia didn’t go into much detail, but was apparently spotted in court by a fan who used Twitter to inquire about the circumstances.

No word what Keyshia did ten years that would warrant thirty days in jail- but I suspect we will soon find out, as such records are generally public domain.
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