How To Make Lip Gloss Using Kool-Aid

Lip Gloss Making lip gloss can be a craft that you enjoy by yourself or you can include younger nieces and sisters into the experience. Follow these easy steps to make the yummiest lip gloss you’ve ever put onto your lips.

Things You’ll Need:

* Kool aid
* Lip gloss pots
* Small bowl
* Spoon
* Petroleum jelly
* Microwave

Step 1

Get a pre-sweetened Kool Aid of your chosen color and flavor, small glass lip gloss pots, petroleum jelly, a spoon and a small, microwaveable bowl.

Step 2

Put as much petroleum jelly as you want into the small bowl. The amount of petroleum jelly you use will be the amount of lip gloss you make.

Step 3

Microwave the petroleum jelly until it melts and becomes gooey, but doesn’t boil. Remove the petroleum jelly when it’s warm and stir to evenly distribute the heat and get rid of clumping. Put the petroleum jelly back into the microwave for 20 seconds, remove it and then stir again.

Step 4

Tear open a packet of Kool Aid and sprinkle it into the bowl of petroleum jelly while stirring the Kool Aid into it. Sprinkle as much Kool Aid as you want into the petroleum jelly while keeping in mind that more Kool Aid means a darker lip gloss tint.

Step 5

Pour the lip gloss into the lip gloss pots once you have achieved the desired tint and consistency. Refrigerate them for about 45 minutes before using.