What Does the Ring Really Mean?

So as you have no doubt heard by now, Miami Heat player LeBron James has proposed to his longtime girlfriend and mother of his two children, Savannah Brinson.

One search of online blogs will reveal women, mostly African American, jumping for joy and celebrating “Black Love.”

I on the other hand, though happy for couple, have an entirely different take on the situation.

Yes Savannah now has a ring, but what does it really mean? Brinson has been with LeBron since high school, lives with him and is supported by him. In other words, LeBron has been behaving like a husband to Savannah for years now.

I think as a group, Black women have been convinced that they are “lesser than” if they aren’t married or somehow attached to a man. It is this sort of thinking that is causing ppl to be all geeked up over Savannah’s new ring, even though it doesn’t mean a thing.

LeBron’s proposal doesn’t mean he loved her any less than he did before he proposed. It doesn’t mean he wasn’t completely devoted to Savannah and his children before. Likewise, finally putting a ring on it doesn’t mean LeBron won’t someday leave or that the couple will indeed last until death do them part.

All it means is that LeBron is now ready to make Savannah his legal wife in the eyes of the law.

Ring or no ring, Savannah doesn’t have any more or less value than she had a week ago.

Black women, all women for that matter, should not be tricked into believing their worth lies in whether or not they are married or attached to a man at the hip.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am pro marriage as an institution. But I also recognize that it is no guarantee of a fairytale life. Just ask Siohvaughn Wade, Tami Roman, Shaunie O’Neal, Juanita Jordan, Jennifer Williams… do you need me to go on?

So let’s be happy for Savannah for the right reasons; and not because we think she, or women in general, somehow gain status by simply getting married.