New Brandy Single “List”

A new track from Brandy has surfaced. As you all know, the singer is hard at work in the studio putting the finishing touches on her fifth studio album and “List” is just the latest in a long line of possible tracks to be featured on that album, that have leaked onto the internet. The single was reportedly written by James Fauntleroy (No Air by Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown) and produced by the Underdogs (Dreamgirls Soundtrack, Usher’s Here I Stand). Take a listen to the new track here and look for Brandy’s new album to be released by her new record label, Epic Records, this fall. The singer is expected to reunite with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins on the new CD, which I’m sure comes as good news to Brandy’s longtime fans.

Ashanti Pushes Album Back To 2008

Ashanti Album push backs are becoming extremely popular as Ashanti can now add her name to the growing list of female singers having their album release dates either pushed back or postponed indefinitely. Appearing on the Doug Banks Show today, Ashanti confirmed that her “Declaration” will not see the light of day until sometime in early 2008. No actual release date was given however. Ashanti also confirmed that no video for her first single, Hey Baby, has been shot as previously reported. And though Ashanti probably won’t admit it, I think her label is re-evaluating their decision to release Hey Baby as the first single and rightfully so. The song is too similar in sound to that of Diddy and Keyshia Cole’s “Last Night”, and because of that radio will most likely not play it. By new years a new single will most likely be chosen, and fans will have long since forgotten about Hey Baby.
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Keyshia & Kim Take Over 106 & Park

Keyshia Cole and Lil Kim took over 106 & Park today in support of Keyshia’s new album, Just Like You, which hits record store shelves tomorrow.Keyshia’s CD will be competing against Jill Scott’s The Real Thing, Will.I.Am’s Songs About Girls, and Jagged Edge’s Baby Making Project. The Foo Fighters are also in the running and seeing as how they are a rock band, they could easily snatch the number one spot from any of the artist’s listed above. Jill and JE won’t be #1, so that leaves Keyshia and Will to fight off the Foo Fighters. I have no idea who will take pole position but I am obviously hoping either Jill or Keyshia pulls it off.
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Beyonce: I Wish I Was Born Latina

Leave it to Beyonce to cause controversy- even in Spanish. Latina Magazine recently interviewed the sista about her Spanish language album and in the interview Beyonce stated how grateful she was for the support of her Latin fans. Beyonce then went on to make this statement: “I’m just jealous that I wasn’t born Latina. I wish I had been because the culture is so beautiful. ” It is my personal opinion that Beyonce was probably just doing an extra bit of butt kissing. However, as a Black woman she should have known better. Such a statement looks bad and wreaks of self hatred. Plus, I doubt a Latin star would have made such a statement concerning Black people simply because they have crossover appeal among us.
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Brown Sista Candids Galore

Singer Janet Jackson was spotted over the weekend at the US Open, taking in Venus Williams match against Hungarian player Kira Nagy. Pics of Janet are extremely hard to come by these days as she rarely seems to make a public appearances. Reports still have Janet holed up in Miami working her on new album, which L.A Reid is rumored to be personally overseeing. There are also reports that Janet, along with Beyonce, will be performing at Ethiopia’s millennium bash which goes down on September 12th. Look for Beyonce to headline the affair while Janet is simply listed as a performer.
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Melanie Brown’s Husband Troubles

Now that Melanie Brown has married Stephen Belafonte, the media’s focus seems to have shifted from Eddie Murphy, to Melanie’s new hubby, who seems to have a very jaded past. According to news reports, Stephen lists his last name on their marriage certificate as Belafonte when in actuality it is Stansbury. There are also reports that he tried to pass himself off as Dionne Warwick’s nephew and Harry Belafonte’s son. The most troubling news however is how many times Stephen has been arrested for violent crimes, all against past girlfriends.
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Live BET Awards Chat Fest

Ok, somebody obviously done told us wrong because Beyonce and Jay Z did not open the BET Awards as previously thought. Instead BET gave Jennifer Holiday the gift of a lifetime by allowing her to duet with J. Hudson on the Dreamgirls anthem, And I’m Telling You. I must say it was a big surprise to see Jennifer Holiday take the stage but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. I think both Jennifer’s did an excellent job, if not a bit much at the end. Sill, this year’s show is an upgrade from last year’s and keep getting better.

So what do you guys think so far… ?
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Adina Howard: Private Show

Adina Howard: Private Show So you guys remember that sometime ago we discussed Adina Howard and her possible return to the music scene. Well it appears that time is upon us as Adina’s new album, Private Show, is due to hit record store shelves this Tuesday, June 26th. The album boasts production from Black Eye Peas producer Poli Paul and to preview tracks you can check out Adina’s My Space Page . However, with songs like Tease and Phone Sex, I think it is safe to assume that the new Adina is as much a freak as the old one- an observation which I’m sure pleases her die-hard fans.
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