a better year.


Happy Monday Brown Sisters..

Hope all is well and that you’re amped for the Holiday Season. Can you believe that Christmas is only three days away..? But after the big “gift giving” day there’s reflecting on 2008 and then thinking about how big we want 2009 to be. GT believes that 2009 can be as great as we want it to be even with the financial news that things aren’t going so well. We may not even be able to control our jobs but we can control how we live and what we surround ourselves with…here’s some thoughts… Continue Reading

have a happy.

What it do Brown Sista Family? Hope all is well on the other side of the computer screen. Gosh. Golly. The Holidays are upon us and it all happened so quickly. There was a time when GT was wondering whether Nov 4th would ever get here and now it’s the 24th! 

GT wishes you nothing but the best of best Thanksgivings whether you celebrate it or not. Also. Look for the up and coming 2008 Get Togetha gift guide! DIY, online purchases and out of the box ideas. Speaking of gifts..Get Togetha is having it’s first ever giveaway! But two things. One. You have to answer the below question and two you have to jump on over to Get Togetha to find out details…have a happy and be blessed!

What is your favorite dish to make/eat on Thanksgiving and what do you love most about this Holiday?

emotions and you.

Hey Brown Sista Fam. Hope you had a great wknd! Many readers have asked GT questions on how to handle clutter. Last week focused on the actions of starting small. This week will focus on the emotional benefits of getting it togetha.  Now GT understands that this may turn some people off; but clutter is a sign of unfulfilled living.

 Almost like living your life in a mouse trap and feeding yourself Cheeze Whiz; eventually you’ll feel sick to your stomach. So this post is dedicated to the emotional benefits of de-cluttering.

  • Getting a handle on your surroundings opens you up to more possibilities for yourself.
  • You’ll feel lighter and freer.
  • People will want to visit you more often.
  • If you have children you will teach  and model to them the vital lesson of taking personal ownership.
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clutter bug.

Many of you sistas have written to me about solving your clutter issues. GT hears you and this week you’ll get answers. But GT wants to first start off by saying that a messy house and clutter are not one and the same. A mess can be cleaned up quickly. Clutter on the other hand is emotional baggage. Some baggage is light and some heavy heavy. But that’s for another post.

With that said here are some clutter bug tips to get you started:

  1. Clear out your Cyber clutter. Clear your desktop icons. Get rid of old Word and Excel Files and empty your Recyling Bin. Organize your e-mail. 
  2. Clean out a drawer or three. Your toenail clipper and an old sock should not be in the same drawer as your cutlery, post it notes and your beloved Jagged Edge CD. GT’s not talking to you of course.
  3. Clean out your wallet. Shred over the limit and abused credit cards, tear up those receipts to the drugstore, and put your change in a jar or your kid’s piggy bank. Trust. This alone will unwind you.
  4. Write it down. People say they write things down; cause it sounds good to say so. But truthfully many of us don’t and that’s why wer’e scatterbrains. Commit to writing things down and you’ll get a whole lot more off your mind and on where it belongs: on paper.
  5. Open your mail. And if you don’t have one; buy a shredder. It’s a quality investment cause it saves you time. If you’re afraid of creditors; they will keep writing; even if you leave the country. So be proactive. Call them and set up a plan. To opt out of junk mail click here.
  6. Clean out your medicine cabinet. This one is fun and easy. Old nail polish, old makeup, cheap-fix perfume, eyelash glue, hair products that didn’t quite work out…all trash. Keep only what you love.
So Brown Sistas and Fellas…can you admit to being a hot mess? Which one on the list do you need to do today? Sistas. We can work it out and Get it Togetha. Laugh at yourself and move forward. Life is not that serious; but cleaning it up will surely improve the quality of your life.


Cyber-Hugs Brown Sister Fam.

In light of the tragedy that has happened to Jennifer Hudson; we all can learn an immediate lesson from it and that lesson is that tomorrow is never promised. And trust. GT is just as sad, angered and shocked that there are people on earth that continue to be so cruel. But tomorrow is never promised is real talk. How can we give that truth more meaning and less lip service? Well for starters we can say I love you daily to our loved ones, we can share a hug, a passionate kiss, adopt a pet, write a poem, see a movie together, eat lunch with our best friends, wink at the bus driver, write in our journals, forgive someone, go for a long walk, take an even longer bubble bath, sing in the shower, cook a meal, watch “The Color Purple”, and cry.

Brown Sistas and Fellas. Name one thing we can do to give our lives more meaning?


Cyber Hugs and Happy Monday Brown Sista Fam. Hope your weekend was great!

Reading all your comments about Bee and RhiRhi lead GT to write about this week’s topic: success. Success is a quality of life issue and it means different things to different people. Everyone has their own standards of what is enough for them.  Some people’s aspirations are high, some low and some are in between.  Some people are happy with meeting societal expectations: a job, kids, a house, a car, a man. But is it ok to want more than that? Our society tells people to dream sky’s the limit; but then when people attain astronomical success some people can’t wait to knock you down a peg or two.  It’s not funny but LOL. For GT success simply means accomplishing personal goals that will help you live a life with as little regret as possible.  

Raise your hand. What is success and what does it mean to you?  

fall forward.


Sometimes. Just sometimes. We sit back and wait for life to hand us a lifeline. We wait for those flat abs, Mega-Millions, to lose those 20lbs, and for our man to pop the question. We sit on the sidelines waiting while we watch the players of life continually score and we forget to dream with our eyes open. Before you know it we’re on the fast track to Pretendsville: living a dull, boring, and pretty much routine existence. 

Most of us yearn for a life that is sweeter; so Fall forward and create an inspiration board. An inspiration board, sometimes called a mood board or vision board, is a self-created haven where you can throw ideas and pictures of what you feel best represents who you are and where you’d like to go. It’s a chance to take those ideas that are floating around in your head and give them a face. So unless you are a fan of making things harder than they need to be an inspiration board can work wonders for your hearts dreams and desires and help to deactivate your procrastination.
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what you can do.

Eat in Color

There isn’t a person on God’s Green earth who wouldn’t over indulge if food didn’t have any consequences. I would eat a pastrami with mustard on rye. Everyday.

But until GT can have an army brigade of dietitians, personal chefs, personal trainers, hair and makeup artists, yoga/pilate instructors, stylists, facials, massages, colon therapists and an airbrush artist I’m gonna have to focus on what I can do and that’s having a set of principles that I can follow so I don’t end up playing myself on the daily. Without further ado…some Friday food for thought.

  • No more bad meals. We all know what crap eating is.
  • Eat in color. Iit ain’t Cauliflower treat the white stuff as poison.
  • Drop all soda.More Poison.
  • Eat real food in moderation. Mickey Dees is not real food and Hefty Portions are for Sumo Wrestlers.
  • Practice eating half of what is on your plate. You won’t always win this one.
  • Food is food. Not a vice or a crutch for emotional distress.
  • If I have a burger; I won’t eat the friesOk. Maybe six or seven.
Raise your hand. What is your food philosophy? What food would you eat if there weren’t any consequences?