Nicki Minaj Goes Nude for MAC


Nicki Minaj Unveils Nude Lipsticks for Mac Cosmetics

Raptress Nicki Minaj is once again teaming up with MAC Cosmetics. The enigmatic hip-pop star announced her latest collaboration with the brand earlier today via Instagram, where she showed off two new lipsticks from her upcoming Nicki Nudes collection. Reportedly set to go on sale next month, the limited-edition line will feature 12 naturally-hued lipsticks, including the two you see below; The Pinkprint, a creamy, peachy nude and Nicki Nude, a creamy mocha nude.
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Mac Cosmetics to Open Their First Make-Up Studio

Mac Cosmetics Enters the ‘Beauty Bar’ Business


With relaxation spas, nails salons and weave bars littering nearly every corner in New York City, cosmetics giant Mac has decided to enter the fracas and open their very first makeup studio/beauty bar later this month.

The 63rd and Lexington Avenue location will be competing alongside other NYC newbies like Blushington and Jolie Beauty Bar, which have all popped up over the last year hoping to capitalize on the country’s ‘beauty bar’ boom.

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How Much is Too Much to Pay for Cosmetics?


If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I post a lot of images of my daughter, who recently started dabbling in make-up. Because I was not allowed the wear the stuff when I was a teen, I was super happy to vicariously re-live those years through her.

Whereas I couldn’t even get lip gloss outta my parents when I was young, I have done the exact opposite with my daughter and given her a make-up collection that has made her friends green with envy.
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Rihanna Shows Off Fall MAC Ad

Because Rihanna believes “fall is the time to stay extra fly,” the diva has unveiled the first official ad for her “RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection.”

The complete 20-piece line, which features everything from lipstick to blush, to the proper tools to apply your fabulous new shades, will hit retail stores in the U.S. on October 3rd and everywhere else on October 4th.

Rihanna’s summer collection with MAC was an unequivocal success, thanks in part to RiRo Woo which sold out in just three hours and became one of the company’s best-selling lipsticks ever.

No doubt MAC is hoping for the same success with their fall collection.

Check out the ad and some of the colors below.

Beauty Products You Regret Buying


My dresser and bathroom cabinet are littered with beauty products that I once had such high hopes. From coconut oil to lipstick, I have made my fair share of purchases I wish I could take back.

Below are just a few of my beauty missteps- please share yours as well.

1. Coconut Oil: This beauty cure all has received a lot of hype lately. Hype I gladly bought into. However, after about six months of using the stuff religiously I can safely say the hype is unwarranted. It doesn’t do anything for dry skin or hair. I put coconut oil on after a shower, go to bed and wake up with ashy legs. Seriously. As a matter of fact, I actually find the stuff to be quite drying… even when used liberally.

2. Mac “Freckletone Lipstick: For some reason MAC’s “Freckletone” appears on quite a few “Lipsticks every black woman should own” lists. I fell for the hype and purchased this color from Nordstrom’s online. The shade looked iffy to me, even though sistas like Beyonce and Fantasia are rumored to wear it. I should have listened to my gut because when it arrived and I put it on, I looked like a damn fool. Even with lip liner I looked ridiculous. Sure, I could have “worked” with the color, tweaking it to match my skin tone, but for $15, it needs to be rockin’ straight out the box for me. This shade is the mother of all fails. Stay away from it… far, far away.

3. Flexitol Heel Balm: Now, I don’t have busted feet like those shown on the box for this foot cream. However, I was attracted to the great reviews this cream has received from those just looking to keep their feet well groomed and moisturized. However, after using this cream I have found it to not be worth the $12-$15 you are likely to pay for it. The soles of our feet are one of the hardest places to moisturize on the human body and this cream, like most, does a terrible job. At this point I have actually given up on finding a good moisture cream for my feet.

Feel free to add on, ladies.

Nicki Minaj Debuts New Promo

Hip-Pop icon, Nicki Minaj, has unveiled promo campaigns for two of her latest projects.

The first is a behind the scenes video shot for her new OPI line of nail lacquers.

As previously reported, the Young Money protégée will debut her self titled line of nail polishes, inspired by songs from her debut album ‘Pink Friday,’ in January of 2012.

Nicki was also tapped by MAC Cosmetics to be one the famous faces of their ‘Viva Glam’ 2012 campaign.

Nicki’s David LaChapelle shot poster with fellow pop icon, Ricky Martin, can be seen below.